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#54881 2,600 Coyotes Killed After Nova Scotia Government Takes Out Bounty On Animals

Posted by wibskey on 25 May 2011 - 11:21 AM

HALIFAX - More than 2,600 coyotes were killed during the first year of Nova Scotia's bounty hunt on the animals, about 900 more than the year before.

The provincial government introduced the $20-per-pelt bounty to encourage more trappers to hunt the animals, which have been turning up in more populated areas of Nova Scotia in recent years.

The Natural Resources Department says $52,860 was paid out for the 2,643 coyotes that were killed from last October to the end of the hunting season on March 31.

There were 1,736 coyotes killed the year before the bounty was in place.

The province brought in the bounty after a young Toronto woman was attacked and killed by coyotes while hiking in Cape Breton in October 2009.

The government says it will review this year's hunt to determine if the bounty will continue.

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#54903 2,600 Coyotes Killed After Nova Scotia Government Takes Out Bounty On Animals

Posted by KPR on 25 May 2011 - 03:01 PM

I believe it does crock....

If you look at the bottom right of each post you will see a small green circle with a plus in it....?
I just clicked it on the original post here and it increased to 1.... ;)
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#119039 Stolen Traps

Posted by Please Delete on 28 December 2012 - 02:02 PM

It was in an irrigation ditch between 2 cornfields. And it wasnt completely submerged, but it was secured.

DNR is a waste of time. They didnt do anything about the tresspassing in the last 3 years and they didnt do anything about the guy we caught that stole a trailcam....nor did the rcmp. What would they have done here? yup, yup, yup....nothing. Our laws are for the innocent, not the guilty, so nothing would have come of it. Like I said, if it had been tagged, I would have called the dnr.

I dont need the internet police to tell me that taking the trap was not the right thing to do. I just dont care anymore. If it's yours or anyone you know, just have them contact me. I put the word out with local trappers that I have it and to let anyone looking for it to contact me.

Personally, I'd just like to talk to the guy. Give him his trap back. Highlight a few reglations in the book for him. And let him know he's not welcome back on or around the farm.
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#419153 Sunday Hunting Public Consultation & Survey

Posted by op-dog on 01 March 2015 - 11:14 PM

This is perplexing, on one side, I don't want to feel that we have been denied an opportunity to make our own choice by a bunch of antis who realy never voted against hunting on Sunday, but are truely anti gun and actually voted against any hunting at all. Like Marcus has already stated DNR can already rule out any "you'll shoot my eye out" theory because nobody has got their eye shot out. Unless this whole gammit is postured and they have included the antis to ensure that the vote is no flavored to ensure that the question was satisfied by a vote, but the outcome was predetermined by shear numbers alone. None of that, difficult as it is to concieve, is anywhere near as disappointing as haveing to think that we have been denied by our fellow hunters and outdoorsman. At this time in space, we should all know that the only way ahead is through solidarity. The fight we have to fight, is not with each other, but with those who oppose us and our ability to be free to choose to go afield. If you choose to not go afield, I support your choice, for what ever reason, but ahead of that, I support your ability to have that choice. If you, as a member of the hunting comunity, oppose hunting on Sunday, then I support your choice to not hunt on Sunday. I do not, however, accept your vote against letting the remainder of the hunting community to make their own choice, and therefore, I would have to consider you to be an anti, since you voted with them.  As far as voting against Sunday hunting to support the health of the deer herd, I believe that to be uneducated, unsubstantiated retoric, offered up without any science, to support some ghost story, scare tactic. Point in case, the mainland moose has been protected from any hunting pressure forever, and look how well they have rebounded. On the other extreme, the Highland herd population cannot be controlled. Apples and oranges you say, exactly I say, one has no bearing on the other. The opportunity to hunt on Sunday does not mean we have the right to hunt any species to extinction, nor does it mean we shall no longer be guided by rules and regulations that will continue to be enacted and enforced by those who do have the science to support these decisions. Of course, I'm not realy surprised by some of the members speaking out against Sunday hunting, as they have shown their anti hunter colors in previous posts.O 

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#119264 Stolen Traps

Posted by Please Delete on 30 December 2012 - 06:42 PM

It's this simple to me....you come knock on my door and ask to set legal traps on the farm, you'll have my complete blessing. You trespass onto the farm and set illegal traps, I'll pick them up everytime. Right or wrong, that's not going to change with me.
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#119050 Stolen Traps

Posted by KPR on 28 December 2012 - 03:23 PM

Ya know...we have a "like" button here.
If you wish to indicate a good post you just have to click on the green # on the bottom right of the post.
Shown here in the yellow circle in CT's post.
Shown in the red circle in Markus's post is what it looks like after you click it and indicate you agree with either the action or just outright "like" the post
Just sayin' :)

Posted Image
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#106077 Seen Some Weird **** In Quinan!

Posted by butch on 25 September 2012 - 01:35 PM

So Saturday me and a couple friends decide to go wheeling in the back of quinan on the dirt road towards meat rock, so we went by meat rock made it to the pit thats up there played around there notice there was like a small tree that was like laying down across two rocks the tree was still green so I picked up on it right away didnt make sence so we decide to check it out, it was someone trying to cover their path we drive down as were going we can see a clearing and im think its some ones tree stand , finally we get to the bottom of the ridge and I spot a barrel, I was likre there someones bear sight and were parked there checking it out i look to my left and theres a big doe hanging in the tree about 10 feet from the barrel guts still in it, been there while cause it smelled awful! looked like either she had just gave birth or was about too she had some big nipples... but anyways it was a little freaky to say the least, the was a bunch of empty buckets painted black for growing I would guess but anyways should I report this to dnr? or just leave it be? I cant see why someone would jus hang a deer there and let it rot?

I stumbled across this post the other day and it just makes my blood boil to read all the “BULLS**T “that has been posted here. I can’t hold my anger back any longer and am going to post what really happened.

I am the owner of the bear site in question. I had it registered back in 1999-2000 and am still hunting there today. Yes, I had a small tree covering the 4 wheeler track to my bear site, as I wanted to keep all the “Yahoos and Thieves” out, as we all know that there are plenty of those types around today. About 3-4 days before you Yahoos “discovered” my trail, I had re baited the site with a road kill doe deer, obtained legally from Natural Resources, and I hung the doe up a tree at my site. I had two white buckets at that site, one fastened to the base of the same tree as the doe, and that bucket had cooking oil in it. The other white bucket had some food scraps in it, and I just set it by the tree. The black bucket with holes in it to let rain out, is one that I usually put some fish in and hang it up high to keep small animals and out. It is black so it won’t be too conspicuous. There is also a 45 gallon steel barrel chained to a tree, and that barrel has a 8 inch hole cut into it for the bears to get at the bait, it stands out like a sore thumb. My tree stand with ladder and roof overlooking the whole set up stands out quite well too. Those numerous black lumpy things scattered around on the ground, “Hawkeye”, are called Bear scat.
Now, after you Yahoo 4 wheeler cowboys find my path, you sashay right down to my site, not caring if you stink up the site with human and gasoline odors. You dismount, from your critters, and then mosey all around through my bear site. You look around and take everything you see into deep consideration, Lets see boys, theres a tree stand, a ladder, a 45 gallon bait barrel, 3 empty bait buckets, Heavens sake boys one bucket is even black with holes in it, a dead deer for bait and bear poop all around. “YEP SHE`S A GROW OP SITE BOYS, AINT NO DOUBT ABOUT IT”. An extraordinary conclusion “Sherlock”, an outstanding piece of detective work, “ABSOLUTLY BRILLIANT”. Then you mount your trusty steeds, and roar off in a cloud of dust, back to Dodge, wondering whether or not to turn me in to Marshall Dillon
Now let us get to the good part. You went into great detail in your post, about what you saw. But it is AMAZING, that, although you could see big nipples on a dead deer, you never once mentioned seeing a “TRAIL CAMERA”. You know the one. The TRAIL CAMERA THAT YOU GUY`S TOOK WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEFT. You have got some kind of Gall, to steal my trail camera and then make this post.
Imagine my surprise when I later returned at a later date, with more bait, to find my Trail Camera stolen. I was definitely not impressed. Sort of spoiled my faith in humanity, you might say. So I immediately reported the THEFT to DNR since it happened on Crown Land. The very professional ranger that I dealt with, put 2 and 2 together from other information that he had, and got my camera returned from you guys, under a “no questions asked” deal. At least I got my camera back, but unfortunately you got lucky and avoided criminal charges. But I bet it sure was embarrassing to have to hand over the camera,. Wish I could have seen that. LOL
“OH” By the way. I have some nice pictures of you guys messing around my site. Really like the one where one of you has a leak beside my bear bait. Thanks for that. I will let you know if it draws them in. Maybe if I see you around my site again I would be able to show you the pictures, or maybe I could just post the pictures on the site here when I get home. Yes, there has been some “WEIRD ****” going on in Quinan, been a lot of camp break-ins too. My friends and I will be keeping and eye out for you cowboys, maybe our trails will cross in the great outdoors, and we can have a hands on experience while discussing this a little further. Till we meet again, Happy Trails, “Partn`ers”
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#417937 Sunday Hunting Public Consultation & Survey

Posted by Hawkeye on 26 February 2015 - 03:54 PM


I don't disagree but I think th effect sunday hunting will have on this ( growing our hunter number) is so minimal that it won't be a factor there for the argument isn't valid.

 Hi Scott, I respectfully disagree with you on this statement.  Your kids and my kids both go to school and I'm sure are involved in other pass times.  Basically that gives kids one day a week to participate in their passtimes like hunting.  Speaking from my experience as a father and avid hunter, my son and all his friends would have had twice as many opportunities to get out hunting if Sunday was available, thus twice the chance of developing the interest in hunting.


I agree with the allowing younger hunters, but I think many young hunters do get to tag along when they are younger.  They might not get to pull the trigger, but they can certainly get to experience all the other positive aspects of hunting.  My son  followed in my boot tracks as soon as he could walk.  First day of deer season he always fell ill and had to take the day off school....somehow the cool fresh air always made him better.  He would have had twice the chance to hunt, even if he could have hunted when he was twelve, if he had the opportunity to hunt on Sundays.  Allow younger hunters...yep, most of us will agree to that one, but ask those younger hunters if they want to go out on Sunday and I'll bet they'll say yes (with the exception of TS and BackCountries kids and grand kids of course).


My niece moved from Nova Scotia to Alberta about 10 years ago.  When she arrived there she suddenly had Sundays availble to hunt.  When she heard we Nova Scotian's might have a chance to hunt on Sundays she was so excited that we might actually get another full day to enjoy this outdoor interest with the rest of our families, that she made a great FaceBook post about all the benefits she and her family have realized from it.  How can it be so accepted and enjoyed in other provinces, but not here? 


As has already been pointed out by others, there are lots of ways to manage populations.  Seasons, bag limits, weapons, etc.  In my mind, that other weekend day gives flexibility to many folks that don't currently have a lot of flexibility and options. 


This has been an interesting thread.  It really gives a person a view of why things are so slow to move ahead in Nova Scotia.  Interesting, very interesting!





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#361026 Keyboard Game Warden

Posted by ChrisThompson87 on 02 November 2014 - 09:47 PM

Im starting to get a real intolerance for all the keyboard DNR COs on here, a person tries to make a post and 80% of the time they are cut off with some arm chair game warden being critical of their post or questioning the legality of something, for example a post about having some camp meals and last year's moose meat veing used for tacos at camp..someone had to ruin a fun and good topic with a stupid post about a meat permit, or the guy who was chewing about a triggerlock walking out...give me a break, just let people tell their damn stories and make their posts without criticizing everything someone says....i know of members of this site who are illegal hunters...i don't start crapping on them, just let ppl post without fear of being bombarded with laws and technicalities ffs,im not trying to "troll" im just giving my opinion, i don't agree with the way people are on here at times
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#259257 Unsatisfied Customer

Posted by daveyn on 25 February 2014 - 10:30 PM

No sympathy here... I work in retail and meet people like you all the time. All you have to do is make one little mistake or an oversight and people just can't wait to scream "poor customer service" and use that for leverage to get something for nothing.  So they made a mistake and you saw an opportunity, got on the phone to see what you could get for nothing...cause I mean really how were you inconvenianced' you had one mag that you could use while waiting for the other 3 to arrive, they were just late, its not a life or death situation here, just a couple of mags. Really there is no inconvenience at all. So the guy offers you 10% and a tee shirt, which is pretty darn reasonable, you accept the offer and then you decide "nope I want more" so you called back and said give me a free mag,(25% discount, which is a pretty big discount) chased the issue through a number of people, annoying them to no end and taking them away from servicing good customers and because you didn't get enough free stuff you were crying poor customer service. 

I think the 10% was reasonable,they offered, you accepted and then you tried to get 25%, they wouldn't give it to you and they are the problem?  You are the problem my friend, not the retailer. You got your mags, you got them for less than you expected to pay and you got a free toque to boot. sounds like you made out pretty well.

But you're upset because they didn't give in to your unreasonable request for a 25% discount cause they made a mailing error. I can guarantee they lost money on this deal with all the man hours involved, 2 mailings and the discount, I'm confident they are not upset at all that you won't be back.

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#875300 Would You Shoot Him?

Posted by op-dog on 16 November 2018 - 09:07 AM

Yeah if I was deer hunting and came a crossed him, I would most definitely shoot at him. Why would you even ask that question? Were you looking for someone to shoot him for you?
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#67749 What Does It Smell Like To You ?

Posted by Old Trout on 16 September 2011 - 07:59 AM

The daydream

Well it is September 16, and the daydreaming begins…………..
the laves are changing to their brilliant
Reds, orange, yellow and rust colours. When you walk through
The woods you can hear the twigs and leaves snapping and crackling
Under your feet. When the wind blows you hear the leaves rustling
From the surrounding trees…When you walk out the front door in the
Morning you can smell that smell it’s the sent that every hunter knows.
It’s the smell of the “season” with the cool crisp air and the steam you see
every time you exhale, Its the smell of waking up extra early to
head into the bush, With the hopes of seeing the big one or hearing
that first yelp out of the pups as they light up an a bunny, watching the first few ducks
Lock up, landing gear down and heading to your spread, the same spread you
Admired only moments before while sipping on a warm cup of tea from your
Thermos. The sound of the action closing on your shotgun / rifle as you put a shell in
the chamber. The hope that the day will be successful, the chance to
put the cross-hairs from that rifle on the biggest buck you have ever
seen. Or the bead at the end of your shotgun on the nose of a bunny.
waiting for the perfect time to pull. Or that fluttering duck as it attempts to flea the
decoys and the business end of your shotgun…
Just waiting for the perfect moment to pull the trigger can be the longest few seconds
Of your life your heart beats faster and faster as the seconds go by.
Your vision is directed at one thing and that one thing only.
You hear nothing but the cracking of sticks as that deer walks into position, or the yelping of the beagle as it's running toward you hot on the tale of a
bunny. Or the whistle of a ducks wings as it attempts to fly by. Now is the time………the reason we do what we do…… the snap of the safety switching off
the firing pin striking the primer of the instantly spent cartridge. With a sound that
is unmistakeable from anything else .Then there is the smile always a
smile, it is the smile of shooting your first deer or your tenth it’s the smile of taking your brother, son , daughter and watching them get there’s. It’s the smile of time well spent with good friends. It’s the smiles you share back at the camp while you give a play by play on the days events over a cold beer…they are usually pretty interesting
sometimes a little stretched or tampered with. And last but not least
the memories, the memories we will never forget they are with us for
life. And mine I will never forget…….

So when you walk out side in the morning have a good smell maybe you to will relive a moment from the past !!!!!!
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#652642 3Rd Moose Cull Planned For C B H N P - Cbc News

Posted by Bob LeBlanc on 07 January 2017 - 12:55 PM

Sorry nomad, but neither the moose nor the land give a hoot about politics. The politics, jealousies, prejudices and anger this cull generates are the feelings of we humans alone. ...


...and so is the want to play / be God. (that's directed at Parks Canada...not you, ALW ;) )

The moose isn't an ecological problem...the park is the problem.

The moose (not necessarily this sub-species) has been here for a lot longer than people...and people have hunted them since the dawn of time. The moose are, simply, a re-introduction.


If nothing else, the park is clear example of how important hunting and hunters are to the ecology.

Take us out of the equation, and things'll get out of hand...quick! ;)

Resolving one problem by creating another?...is putting a band-aid on a severed leg. It only looks good for a short period of time.


Shut the park down mid-September...make it its own 'Zone'...and allow everyone to hunt...and the 'problem' goes away...and the moose gets to live another day...


Unfortunately, political correctness will never allow that to happen.

Definition of 'political correctness'??...Wrongness justified.



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#615178 2016 Successful Moose Hunts

Posted by BigBuck152 on 06 October 2016 - 07:21 PM

Wow where are all the entries??!! Wasn't fortunate enough to get a tag this year but did manage to get up for a few days to do some calling, videoing and sight seeing. Every time I get up there I never want to leave!! I took a little footage so hope you all enjoy!

Congrats to everyone who has tagged out! Truly a great way to spend a fall in Nova Scotia!!

Take'em, man oh man what a beast! Glad I got to see it in person! That thing is a true giant! Not two alike in the world!
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#414481 Sunday Hunting Public Consultation & Survey

Posted by nomad on 17 February 2015 - 06:52 PM

I am curious as to everyone who votes no because "it will hurt deer herd number" get the idea it will devastate their numbers?

I equate it to a kind of "chicken little" disease. It has been around longer than the common cold lol. The traditional archers said compound bows would devastate game numbers,the compound guys said crossbows would do likewise. The rifle guys say the muzzleloader guys will devastate deer numbers and so on.......lif anyone thinks today's hunting pressure is really effecting game numbers to the degree we see on a zone by zone basis,they really need to look elsewhere imo for a more impactful cause. It is right under our noses. You can clearly see it when you fly over the province.Habitat loss and the demise of the family farms are having the most profound affect followed by predation imo.
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#260289 Apr's In Ns.....why Not?

Posted by woot on 27 February 2014 - 09:20 PM

Normally I take the time to form a well formed argument but...

Apr fan boys start one thread. There is some debate.

Not happy without winning start another thread. More debate.

Obviviously correct - start another thread to prove it.

Ah much better no one cares to debate this again. Apr wins!!! Everyone is now on the same page and knows the right answer!!!

Meat in the freezer is how I judge success.

Now if you want more numbers, jack the price of licences, enforce the current rules, cut the bonus deer wounding seasons off and if you still havent got enough deer do something about habitat loss and climate change. Apr will help cut back on meat hunters to help the trophy hunters out...

I will keep hunting wrong until it is illegal - then I will post no hunting signs on all the land I have to help the deer population out (If that is what this is really about).
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#251114 Ns Bald Eagle Populations Doing Fine!

Posted by KEVIN on 04 February 2014 - 07:44 AM

I often wonder how many eagles die every year after they've been feed up at Sheffield mills.... :rolleyes:


esp......... with all the chemicals, steroids, enzymes, quick grow ingredients and scientifically engineered animal by-products that are forced down the chickens throats to help them lay more eggs and grow 4 times faster than Mother Nature can do it !!


Maybe a study should be done to see the adverse effects that this stuff is doing to them ??

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#121859 Caught In Snare Leads Me To Rip Them Down

Posted by BUCK~KNIFE on 27 January 2013 - 12:40 PM

You may have walked into someones' legal snare set using a mangled roadkill deer as bait,it amazes me how you guys think ,do you know for sure its an illegal set?I've seen plenty of snare sets and all were using a mangled up deer from roadkills with 10 or so snares set around in exactly what you described.You better hope you didn't mess up a legal set bub.
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#119045 Stolen Traps

Posted by KEVIN on 28 December 2012 - 02:58 PM

Markus...you did the RIGHT thing in my books. I'd 'av done it too!
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#103952 Looking For Someone To Learn From

Posted by Waye Out There on 05 September 2012 - 06:30 PM

Big Country
I am 45 minutes east of the city I will PM you my contact info. Always fun to help someone along the path

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