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  • IMG 0428
    IMG 0428
    Not a stupid dog for sure :)
  • IMG 0428
    IMG 0428
    Yes he picked that as soon as we got there but I inherited a bed buddy at dark. He stole half the blankets.
  • IMG 0428
    IMG 0428
    Your place is beautiful. You did some job and should be real proud of your workI see your pal loves it also LOLNice dog bed he has made :)
  • IMG 0422
    IMG 0422
    LOL I love the baby gate. I still use one with mine and they are 2 and 6  Cannot leave them alone in the Kitchen when I am out . They know how to open the bottom doors and will eat anything be...
  • IMG 0418
    IMG 0418
    OMG he is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing his new pics

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