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  1. Closed

    Barrel has a strange residue inside, looks green.
  2. Ready to load

    forward trigger releases the action
  3. Same order

    The height of the 8 compared to the 12 makes it seem a little bigger, but trust me it is a huge difference in size between the two...
  4. The two in the house as of October 2015

    The one on the left is the 12 gauge, right is the 8. Both are single shot, but the 8 doesn't shoot.
  5. Rifle/Guns
    I have a very old, very large, very heavy, single-shot shotgun that used to belong to my great grandfather. No idea what he used it for, dont know when the last time it was shot. I'm told it is an 8 gauge, but there are no shells to go with it, or markings anywhere on the gun with any...
1-5 of 5 Results