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  1. Bow Hunting
    What is everybody using this year for a setup ? and new gear or any recomendations on products you've had great experiences with? from custom strings to the biggest and baddest broadheads, whats everybody using for this years archery hunting season!? My setup 2013 hoyt carbon spyder 30...
  2. Bow Hunting
    I am interested in going to a 3D archery tournament but am no longer a member of a club...(CFB is closed right now)... Can anyone recommmend any tournements that are inside or outside?
  3. Upland Bird Hunting
    I am a recurve bow hunter and would like any advice on where to take my 15 year old nephew (who just got his bow hunting license) pheasant hunting...Orchards (we dont have a dog), , ect? We live in the Hubley area but can travel.. Can text me also at 902-449-7416
  4. Target/Shooting Sports
    Hey guys, I was wondering where a good spot for archery lessons in the city would be? I don't mind driving 45-60mins either. Any advice? Thanks!
  5. Bow Hunting
    2013 Archery and/or 3D Shoots. We should have a topic with upcoming archery shoots, with Date, Club and contact info and if so cost and sponser. I know the has a list but I think we should post the different shoots in different areas of the province and even maybe share some pics with...
  6. Bow Hunting
    Hey Guys, looking for your experiences using Rage broadheads. There seems to be a huge divide regarding these heads...some people swear by them while others have had horrible experiences with them. I looked at the customer reviews on Cabela's website and the reviews were either glowing or...
  7. Bow Hunting
    Hey fellas, I am new to huntign this year and I am doing the bow hunting thing, however i have heard a ton of info on what i do and dont need for certifications and everything. I heard from the guy at the natural resource place that in order to get my bow hunters all I need is my bowhunters...
  8. Gone Hunting
    New hunting store in Sydney Cape Breton, if you are in the area check it out address is Mooshoo Outdoors Limited 201 Churchill Drive, Suite 303, Membertou, NS B1S-0H1 Mon - Fri: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm Sat: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm Mooshoo...
  9. Fund Raising News & Events
    Glooscap Archery Club is located at 151 Irishman's RD at the West Hants Recreation site.Our club holds the first outdoor 3-D archery shoot every year called the Frozen Fingers Shoot.We usually have 50-60 shooters attend this competition every year. This is open to anyone wishing to compete or to...
1-10 of 11 Results