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  1. Hunting Dogs
    We occasionally have pups and part trained dogs for sale to hunting homes. Nova Scotia. Epagneul Bretons German Wirehaired pointer (UK&Danish working line) Coonhounds Message for current availability
  2. Bobcat

    No sure how this pic ended up being so stupidly small, lol. I guess I'll need computer lessons from a grandson! It fills my whole screen normally. Anyway, nice Bobcat from the Tantallon area, caught at 1:25 PM Oct 23, 2015.
  3. Trapping
    I have a few bags of wax for sale 55lb bags for $60 each please email me for any questions [email protected]
  4. Bobcat

    wasn't expecting this visitor
  5. Trapping
    This was emailed to me from someone I won't say. If this the wrong place to post this I'm sorry, But if I was the trapper that owned this set, I would be really P*****D off.
  6. Trapping
    Just curious how many trappers use foot holds in deeper snow such as a foot or so, if so how do you set it? I've been pondering this for a while now and aside from clearing all the snow down to earth or hard packed snow I can't think of a way to steady a trap in deep snow without a hard bottom...
  7. Trapping
    Just curious what other trappers would class as good bobcat location. Reason I ask , I have been out scouting my new land and surrounding, and down near a marsh I came accross the biggest cat track I have ever seen. Do they usually stay within the same area, are there certain things within an...
1-7 of 7 Results