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  1. Everywhere Else
    Who is interested in hunting Africa? What is the number one animal on your African dream list? If you have hunted in Africa before tell us what was your favorite animal to hunt?
  2. Target/Shooting Sports
    Hey guys, I was wondering where a good spot for archery lessons in the city would be? I don't mind driving 45-60mins either. Any advice? Thanks!
  3. Bow Hunting
    2013 Archery and/or 3D Shoots. We should have a topic with upcoming archery shoots, with Date, Club and contact info and if so cost and sponser. I know the has a list but I think we should post the different shoots in different areas of the province and even maybe share some pics with...
  4. Bow Hunting
    was out bowhunting tonight 5 coyoties came out as i was getting out of tree,40 yards, flashed them with light and they only went to treeline .it was a fast 100 yard walk in woods to truck.there are way more coyoties this year here in cape breton,will have 12 gauge with me now,can any one tell me...
1-4 of 4 Results