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  1. Camps
    Nice to see every ones fall set up! Busses, tents, cottages, cabins, teepee, tarps.... Lets see' em!!! jt
  2. Camps
    Hey everyone. I have 200 acres north west (inland) from Mahone Bay and am looking for someone in the area that would be willing to build a camp/cabin. I already have a 10x16 camp but would like to build new. Been looking at cabin kits as well.
  3. Deer Hunting
    I am looking forward to my hunting trip back home Nov 10th, although ive lived in Ontario most of my life and have hunted here numerous times.... there is nothing like being in the woods in Nova Scotia come fall. Ive got a question that maybe an older fella might be able to answer,My grandfather...
1-3 of 3 Results