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  1. Everywhere Else
    Passed in 1990, California Proposition 117 made permanent a moratorium on sport hunting of mountain lions. But there was a catch. To win over California voters wary of the big cats preying on livestock in rural parts of the state, 117 says the state "shall" issue what's known as a "depredation...
  2. Other Harvestable Wildlife
    Hello folks, today while my kid and I were walking in the woods (toward cloud lake) and we found a wild cat track in the snow. I know that DNR are not really talking about that possibility but can someone tell me if the cougars are here in N.S.? I know what is a track of a bobcat or a lynx...
  3. Trapping
    I know you're not allowed to trap lynx, marten, cougar or fisher on purpose in Nova Scotia(I also know you can keep one accidentally caught fisher). so what would happen if you caught one of the fully prohibited ones in a killing trap and reported it? would you be facing a fine? would they just...
1-3 of 3 Results