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  1. Everywhere Else
    A woman driving to Oakdale over the weekend came across a grotesque scene: seven dead coyotes hung by their snouts on a wire fence along 26 Mile Road north of Woodward Reservoir. There are very few restrictions on killing coyotes and nothing illegal about displaying their carcasses in that...
  2. Coyote Hunting
    Just got home from a morning Duck hunt in the Framboise area here in Cape Breton, decided to take a drive back thru the back roads in case see a rabbit or two L.O.L or maybe a grouse , only got down the dirt road about a Km or so and seen at least 3-4 scat piles from coyotes in the road, slowed...
  3. Conservation
    A decrease in hunters and the arrival of coyotes can likely account for the huge drop in the number of snowshoe hares harvested annually over the last 30 years in Nova Scotia. In 1983-84 the number was more than 500,000, but by last winter it had dropped to 65,000. Peter Austin-Smith, a...
  4. Coyote Hunting
    Hey guys, I'm a new hunter and am looking to get some blood on the gun, im looking for a good spot for coyotes in the east hants area. (milford,stewiacke,shubenacadie,etc.) If you know anywheres close to these areas let me know too. Thanks
  5. Deer Hunting
    Well My father went hunting on the first day of the saeson. He was in a ground blind , but did not see a deer all day. At around 5 pm he heard brakes squeeling and then 5 minutes later saw 4-5 yotes running like scared dogs past his blind and into the thick. Turned out the yotes were chasing a...
1-5 of 5 Results