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  1. Gone Hunting
    Hey everybody, My name's Alex Tesar; I'm a journalist with a Canadian general-interest magazine called The Walrus. I'm sorry to drop in here where I don't really belong, but I'm writing a story about the eastern cougar-its history, the mystery surrounding it, whether there's proof somewhere...
  2. Gone Hunting
    From today's CBC News online: "Parks Canada says it can't find proof of cougars in Nova Scotia: Without a doubt we can't confirm a positive [identification], says Parks Canada's...
  3. Gone Hunting
    Copied from today's Truro Daily News. That is as close to a DNR official stating cougar could be present in the province as I've ever heard. I know there are a lot of folks on here that feel there isn't a chance that cougars exist in eastern Canada, aside from those of the two-legged variety...
1-3 of 3 Results