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  1. Everywhere Else
    A slithering sentinel male python equipped with a surgically implanted tracking device led Florida wildlife biologists to what they are calling a "breeding aggregation" -- or snake sex party. Wildlife biologist Ian Bartoszek said they were tracking a Burmese python nicknamed Argo, who days...
  2. Everywhere Else
    James Miller, of Tavares, was arrested Friday on animal cruelty charges. According to the Lake County Sheriff's Office, a woman called authorities and said her neighbor took a caged raccoon onto his pontoon boat and dropped the cage into the water. The woman said she told her neighbor that...
  3. Everywhere Else
    An 8-year-old boy killed an 11-foot alligator last month in Lake Kissimmee after his father woke him up at midnight to take him out hunting, news outlets reported. "Whenever they're big, I'm just like, I want to get this gator," Grayson Chantley told WFTS in Tampa. Video captures the moment the...
1-3 of 3 Results