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    December in antrim was amazing for grouse shot my limit twice
  2. Upland Bird Hunting
    Hello, I am new to Nova Scotia, and currently living in Halifax. I am wondering where the best places to go grouse hunting are—obviously not specific spots, but just general locations. Also, crown land is preferred.
  3. Everywhere Else
    OK, maybe you don't call 'em ruffed grouse. Maybe you think that sounds a bit too uppity and prefer the word "partridge," or even "pah-tridge." That's fine with me. We're all (more or less) on the same page...
  4. Everywhere Else
    Maine's game bird biologist said the state's abundant grouse habitat has left grouse populations here in good condition, and said he's hearing from more and more hunters looking into traveling to Maine for a hunt. "I've been getting more calls from folks that typically would be hunting the...
  5. Everywhere Else
    Grouse shooting is under fire from a coalition of environmentalists, birdwatchers and anti- cruelty activists - or, as one of the hunters, a retired solicitor, described them, a rabble of "extremists and Jeremy Corbyn types living in the Islington echo chamber," a reference to the vegetarian...
  6. Upland Bird Hunting
    Newbie here. I was looking into buying my first shotgun, primarily for ruffed grouse, but also pheasant and potentially ducks down the road. I was looking into getting a 16 or 20ga single shot (maybe) and was wondering where any of you guys go to get used shotguns. Not opposed to the valley...
1-6 of 6 Results