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  1. Everywhere Else
    In all, 3,853 bears were tagged by hunters in 2020. That total is the highest since 3,921 bears were taken in 2004. The harvest record was set in 2000, when 3,951 bears were taken. This year's total was also topped in 2001 (3,903 bears) and 2003 (3,900). "It was an extremely dry year, and a poor...
  2. Rifle/Guns
    In a letter sent Monday to Bill Blair, the new federal public safety minister, PolySeSouvient urges prompt steps to fulfil the Liberal campaign promise to ban military-style assault rifles and crack down on handguns. Scott Bardsley, a spokesman for Blair, said the minister received the letter...
  3. Everywhere Else
    There's a lot more land that's open to all kinds of recreational activities than most people think. At a recent meeting, the Maine Coast Heritage Trust was joined by reps from the Downeast Coastal Conservancy and the Downeast Salmon Federation - all major landholders in the Washington County...
  4. Everywhere Else
    Everyone who has lived in New Hampshire for any length of time knows that fall is hunting season. There is also a spring hunting season, and for some species there is year-round opportunity. But fall is it if you are a hunter. It is now archery season for deer and turkey, which runs from Sept...
  5. Rifle/Guns
    Hi guys im looking for a non-restricted handguns but im not sure what my options are if anyone can help that would be great. I know the 8mm label is one but there running about 1500 to 2000 im looking for something a little cheeper.
  6. Target/Shooting Sports
    I found this page: which lists public ranges in NS. Does anyone know if the range in McLellan's Brook located in Pictou county is open to the public and If you are allowed to use handguns? Thank you.
1-6 of 8 Results