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    Model 840 .28 gauge
  2. Rifle/Guns
    I have a very old, very large, very heavy, single-shot shotgun that used to belong to my great grandfather. No idea what he used it for, dont know when the last time it was shot. I'm told it is an 8 gauge, but there are no shells to go with it, or markings anywhere on the gun with any...
  3. Trapping
    just wondering if their are any trappers out their that would be willing to have a new trapper tag along on a weekend trip teach and explain what to do and that works for them willing to travel for the right experienced person would like to also know how to skin, flesh, stretch, and dry I...
  4. Coyote Hunting
    Hey guys, I'm a new hunter and am looking to get some blood on the gun, im looking for a good spot for coyotes in the east hants area. (milford,stewiacke,shubenacadie,etc.) If you know anywheres close to these areas let me know too. Thanks
  5. Bow Hunting
    Hey fellas, I am new to huntign this year and I am doing the bow hunting thing, however i have heard a ton of info on what i do and dont need for certifications and everything. I heard from the guy at the natural resource place that in order to get my bow hunters all I need is my bowhunters...
  6. Reloading
    I started reloading this winter, and last week I got invited to the range, witch I'm joining this Sunday by the way. I shot all my reloads, leaned soooo much more then I ever guess I would, and got a real tender shoulder from my 30-06. I never fired so many rounds out of it before at anyone one...
1-6 of 6 Results