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  1. NL Hunting
    The incident that lead to the charges happened on Oct. 25, 2015. The Fish and Wildlife enforcement division in Happy Valley-Goose Bay received a complaint that three men were illegally hunting caribou in the Birchy Lake area. Four officers were sent out to do a helicopter patrol of the area and...
  2. NL Hunting
    Negative online comments prove that the public should be better educated about the reality of a polar bear hunt in Labrador, one Nunatsiavut hunter says. Derrick Pottle, a longtime hunter in Rigolet wasn't surprised at the social media outrage, including racist comments, that came after another...
  3. NL Hunting
    Happy Valley-Goose Bay mayor John Hickey has died. Hickey succumbed to injuries related to a self-inflicted accidental gunshot wound while checking his traps alone last week. How the gun went off is unclear but he managed to make his way to the road and get help. He was brought to the Labrador...
1-3 of 3 Results