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  1. Everywhere Else
    If you plan on hunting in California at any point in the foreseeable future, you should be aware that a total ban on hunting ammunition containing lead is about to take effect within the state. Things have been trending that direction within the Golden State for many years now, and the state...
  2. Everywhere Else
    A bald eagle found in Wisconsin succumbed to lead toxicity levels four times that at which it could function, dying Monday after wildlife experts had tried to nurse her back to health. The Northwoods Wildlife Center in Minocqua, Wisc. found the eagle "lying face down" because she had no strength...
  3. Other
    The Cobequid Animal Rehabilitation Centre in Hilden is a sanctuary for orphaned and injured wildlife that Dr. Helene Van Doninck founded with her husband Murdo Messer 18 years ago. She was the centre's chief veterinarian, available 24-7. It was her life's work up until her final weeks, before...
  4. The Lounge
    More than year after New Hampshire passed one of the nation's toughest bans on using lead fishing tackle, loons are still dying from ingesting fishing weights and lures. The 2016 law prohibits the sale and use of lead tackle in the state as part of an effort to revive the state's loon...
  5. Reloading
    I understand there may be an individual in Nova Scotia specializing in casting 9 mm lead; and possibly other loads; and wholesaling / retailing. Looking to purchase.
  6. Reloading
    Anyone know who has some lead shot in stock? I need some for reloads preferably in a #7,8,or 9. but may buy a bag of a bigger size. I've checked with woodswise in bridgewater, kelvin's taxidermy, lequille's country store. None keep anything in stock.
  7. Reloading
    Im wondering were i can buy casting materal im not talking ww im looking for lead and lyman #2. buying ww i get alot of zinc witch even when mixed 50/50 with pure lead is a pain because you have to be sure you dont mix it up with ww. i have 5 or 10 lbs of 50/50 but that wont last long when the...
1-7 of 7 Results