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  1. Illegal Activities
    I'm an NS lawyer. If you have questions about particular charges or regulations, please PM me and I may be able to provide you with a free consultation.
  2. Rifle/Guns
    I looked on google and all I can find are second hand accounts, nothing official that air guns are banned for hunting. I was considering getting a big bore gun to try some hunting with it, I like the aspect of it, they don't need gun powder, are quieter and are just different, but it would be...
  3. Bow Hunting
    I've seen a growing number of hunters in the US using modified slingshots to make a small, compact bow with upwards of 55lbs of draw(minimum of 40lbs for hunting deer and bear and 50lbs for moose in NS) and the draw weight could be increased even more with thicker bands. would this be legal for...
1-3 of 3 Results