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  1. Rifle/Guns
    Looking for a good condition 12g or 16g semi auto for some grouse, pheasants and duck hunting. I love my single shot break action folding 12g H&R but sometimes would love to also drop that bird on the second shot LOL.. Located in Cape Breton near the Pier dear. Pal required on both ends of the...
  2. Upland Bird Hunting
    Hi all. I'm a second year hunter and really enjoying it. My family recently acquired a cottage in the Windsor area (Falls Lake to be exact), and I'd like to do some bird hunting in the area. Up until now, my pheasant hunting has been limited to the Musquodoboit area. I've read (this site has...
  3. Upland Bird Hunting
    So the Eastern end of the Valley hasn't been the best area to hunt the last few seasons. I've stuck around the Cambridge to Somerset area and have only had a few successes. I was hoping someone could shed some light on better general areas in this half of the Valley where they've had success...
1-4 of 4 Results