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  1. Everywhere Else
    New Yorkers are now happily wrapping themselves in mink, fox, rabbit and sable, surprising furriers, who had been bracing for a brutal holiday season due to coronavirus. Furrier Marc Kaufman attributes rising sales to the chilly winter weather and all the socializing that has to be done outside...
  2. Rabbit Hunting
    A introduction to who I am. I'm a forteen year old who would like to join in on the fun hunting with my dad. I have a budget of $200 dollars, I don't know if that's enough to really get any tools for the hunt but it all I've got. I would like to get some advise on what weapon to use when...
  3. Rifle/Guns
    Hi. I'm both new here and new to hunting. Last year was my first season and I shot my first deer. This year I'm looking to go rabbit hunting. What should I hunt them with? I've got a .22 but I'm looking for an excuse to buy a shotgun. Any suggestions? Or anyone have any for sale?
  4. Rabbit Hunting
    I was wondering what everyone's preference for snowshoe hare snares is as I might try mixing it up a bit this year (i.e. brass, stainless steel, or copper and what gauge)? If there is a reason why you prefer this setup please feel free to explain (i.e. price or quality). I generally use 20...
  5. Gone Hunting
    Hi guys and gals I am in the process of putting together a hunting and fishing tv show for people with disabilities to encourage them to get outdoors more. If anyone has any suggestions of what they would like to see in my show feel free to contact me. You can check out my website at...
  6. IMG 20131207 153751

    First Rabbit of the season, Used a Remington model 12 and fell in love with the gun
  7. Trapping
    All these fox tracks were not there the day before. Oh S**t. Fur eveywhere. PHEW!! He was tucked behind my spruce wall where I couldn't see him, Walked in and saw the fox running out of set location like a scaled cat, Just there in the neck of time I think. BUT got my first bunny of the...
  8. Rifle/Guns
    hello. i am new to hunting and i would like to buy my first shotgun. i am going to be hunting rabbit, deer, pheasent, and possibly coyote. i dont want to spend more than $400. I was looking at the mossberg ats 535...
1-8 of 8 Results