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    "The dog had the raccoon by the belly and the raccoon had the dog by the face," Charlie Weidman said. When his youngest daughter succeeded a second time in separating the two animals, the raccoon fell directly at Weidman's feet. A volunteer firefighter and diver, Weidman said he thinks a lot...
  2. Everywhere Else
    A Washington County man used a shotgun to kill a rabid raccoon that had wandered onto his property last week. Test results released Tuesday confirmed that the animal had rabies. Ben Howard of Princeton shot the raccoon at dusk on Jan. 18 upon request from game warden Brad Richard. Speaking to...
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    James Miller, of Tavares, was arrested Friday on animal cruelty charges. According to the Lake County Sheriff's Office, a woman called authorities and said her neighbor took a caged raccoon onto his pontoon boat and dropped the cage into the water. The woman said she told her neighbor that...
1-3 of 3 Results