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  1. Target/Shooting Sports
    Hey everyone . Does anyone know how to get ahold of anyone at the Hollow Log rifle and pistol Association in Liverpool? I have their number and called it several times, but it just keeps on ringing and no answering machine. There is no website , and I dropped by last Saturday to see if anyone...
  2. Gone Hunting
    Hi Everyone: I've got the Chester Grant range booked to sight in both my new (to me) 1961 Marlin 336 30.30 RC and my Traditions Buckstalker .50cal muzzleloader. I wonder if anyone can tell me if there are any bench rests available there, or if I should bring my own equipment. I'll be sighting...
  3. Target/Shooting Sports
    I found this page: which lists public ranges in NS. Does anyone know if the range in McLellan's Brook located in Pictou county is open to the public and If you are allowed to use handguns? Thank you.
1-3 of 3 Results