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  1. Wild Game Recipes
    Here is a recipe for the next processed venison product I plan to make... assuming my son will part with some venison... LoL. I haven't tried Trail Bologna yet myself, but it seems to be almost as popular as Summer Sausage for venison. In the descriptions I've seen they say it is great sliced...
  2. Wild Game Recipes
    This is a recipe I got from a fella at work. It comes from his father, who raises meat rabbits. Rabbit Sausage 6 1/2 lbs ground rabbit 2 1/2 T coarse salt 2 1/2 T brown sugar 1 T sage 3/4 T black pepper 3/4 T cayenne pepper 3/4 t ground coriander Mix ingredient together in a large bowl...
  3. Wild Game Recipes
    Anyone thinking of getting into sausage making and needing a meat grinder can get an awesome deal right now at Cabela's (new flyer & website). They have a Weston #5 500W electric grinder, with reverse, on sale for $49.99, regular $119.99! The one I have is a Kitchener #5 250W model, without...
1-3 of 3 Results