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  1. Hunting Equipment
    Have 10 year old mint condition benelli for sale. The top half of the Nicole plating was taken off as a scratch which is gone. Dealer told me 200 to reticle in Burnside. Gun cane from Montana paid nearly 2500. Looking to get 1400. And or trade for power tools.
  2. Rifle/Guns
    In a letter sent Monday to Bill Blair, the new federal public safety minister, PolySeSouvient urges prompt steps to fulfil the Liberal campaign promise to ban military-style assault rifles and crack down on handguns. Scott Bardsley, a spokesman for Blair, said the minister received the letter...
  3. Target/Shooting Sports
    Justin Trudeau says re-elected Liberal government would ban and then create a buyback program for (currently) legal semi-automatic weapons, including the AR-15, and allow municipalities to restrict or prohibit handguns. A two-year amnesty would be put in place while the program is being set up...
1-3 of 3 Results