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  1. Hunting Equipment
    Have 10 year old mint condition benelli for sale. The top half of the Nicole plating was taken off as a scratch which is gone. Dealer told me 200 to reticle in Burnside. Gun cane from Montana paid nearly 2500. Looking to get 1400. And or trade for power tools.
  2. Rifle/Guns
    Looking for a good condition 12g or 16g semi auto for some grouse, pheasants and duck hunting. I love my single shot break action folding 12g H&R but sometimes would love to also drop that bird on the second shot LOL.. Located in Cape Breton near the Pier dear. Pal required on both ends of the...
  3. Rifle/Guns
    Hello all: Looking for recommendations for over/under 12 GA shotgun for skeet shooting; that won't break the bank... Have seen several Yildiz models an Stoeger models. Asking for info on recommendations or advice. Thanks, Tim
  4. Everywhere Else
    Alberta's police watchdog says a man used a tactical-style shotgun in a deadly armed confrontation with police on a major highway south of Edmonton Wednesday. ASIRT says this firearm, described as a 12-gauge, semi-automatic, tactical-style shotgun, was recovered from the scene where a...
  5. Everywhere Else
    Everyone who has lived in New Hampshire for any length of time knows that fall is hunting season. There is also a spring hunting season, and for some species there is year-round opportunity. But fall is it if you are a hunter. It is now archery season for deer and turkey, which runs from Sept...
  6. Gone Hunting
    *$5000 CASH REWARD* Recently several hunting rifles/shotguns/crossbow/ammo were stolen from our family farm in Dean off of HWY 336. Some, but not all of the rifles include the following: 3006 Browning Xbolt Composite Stock with Yellow Pin Stripe 270 Weatherby WSM Black Composite Stock 375 H&H...
  7. Rifle/Guns
    Hi. I'm both new here and new to hunting. Last year was my first season and I shot my first deer. This year I'm looking to go rabbit hunting. What should I hunt them with? I've got a .22 but I'm looking for an excuse to buy a shotgun. Any suggestions? Or anyone have any for sale?
  8. Closed

    Barrel has a strange residue inside, looks green.
  9. Ready to load

    forward trigger releases the action
  10. Rifle/Guns
    I have a very old, very large, very heavy, single-shot shotgun that used to belong to my great grandfather. No idea what he used it for, dont know when the last time it was shot. I'm told it is an 8 gauge, but there are no shells to go with it, or markings anywhere on the gun with any...
  11. Deer Hunting
    Heres a quick question. I'm looking for some different opinions on a good shotgun for deer hunting this season. Heres why. I bow hunt and I want to be able to hunt with a shotgun in the same area I bow hunt in. My blind is about 300m from a couple dwellings. The law requires 402m distance...
  12. Reloading
    Hey guys, I've been thinking about doing some reloading of shells with black powder, and I have read that normally if you are setting up a 12 gauge shell for blackpowder you are safe to use equal amounts by volume of powder to shot. My question is, bearing that ratio in mind, if I melt the...
  13. 410

    410 side by side stevens
  14. Reloading
    Anyone know who has some lead shot in stock? I need some for reloads preferably in a #7,8,or 9. but may buy a bag of a bigger size. I've checked with woodswise in bridgewater, kelvin's taxidermy, lequille's country store. None keep anything in stock.
  15. Rifle/Guns
    hey can anyone tell me or know anyone who would have a bolt handle fora versamax? mine came out saturday and i lost it, better buy dosent have any neither does green diamond
  16. Rifle/Guns
    Hello everyone So I got a question for everyone. I have a C.I.L 20 gauge pump action (not sure the model number I think 607) but am looking to get a new barrel possibly. I have a full choke for it and would like to find an improved cylinder. Though not sure what model barrels fit with the...
  17. Rifle/Guns
    Can anyone tell me the value of my model 42 Winchester. It is in excellent cond. But someone has sanded down the butt stock. It is choked skeet and has a simmons rib with donut spacers. It also has a monte carlo type cheekpiece. It is a last year of production and has the florescent orange...
  18. Rifle/Guns
    Called today to use the Georgefield DNR range to try out my shotgun to see how it was going to shoot told that I wasn't allowed to take it to the range because I might shoot the place up,,DAAAAAH! Anyone else had that told to them, i guess I'll have to go to my gun club range to use it. I guess...
  19. Gone Hunting
    just wondering what the magazine limit is for a shot gun if there is one at all? back home its 3
1-19 of 20 Results