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  1. Rifle/Guns
    So I guess and hope this stays course , looking for thoughts on Browning A500 , Saying this read up on these quite a bit , just looking for thoughts what others think. Recently picked one up that belonged to a Gentlemen who passed away no long ago , true gentlemen , musician and avid...
  2. Upland Bird Hunting
    Newbie here. I was looking into buying my first shotgun, primarily for ruffed grouse, but also pheasant and potentially ducks down the road. I was looking into getting a 16 or 20ga single shot (maybe) and was wondering where any of you guys go to get used shotguns. Not opposed to the valley...
  3. The two in the house as of October 2015

    The one on the left is the 12 gauge, right is the 8. Both are single shot, but the 8 doesn't shoot.
1-3 of 4 Results