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  1. Rabbit Hunting
    anyone out there have some tips on dyeing or darkening for new snare wire I suppose I could do like the trappers and boil with bark I had finished snaring and an older gent talked me into supplying him with a few pair so I am setting up a new snare line I usually weather my wire by leaving...
  2. Trapping
    All these fox tracks were not there the day before. Oh S**t. Fur eveywhere. PHEW!! He was tucked behind my spruce wall where I couldn't see him, Walked in and saw the fox running out of set location like a scaled cat, Just there in the neck of time I think. BUT got my first bunny of the...
  3. Trapping
    So me and the youngest made up 20 bunny snares last night. Reason being, last couple of week in the woods have been seeing loads of tracks and was going to set some snares today. Also last few weeks not a coyote, raccoon, or bobcat track to be seen in many areas where I saw them all the time...
1-3 of 3 Results