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  1. Everywhere Else
    Christine Rollins cared for an elderly couple at their home in the small town of Anahuac (TX). Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne said Monday the 84-year-old woman she cared for was waiting for Rollins to arrive on Sunday. The woman went outside and found the 59-year-old Rollins in the...
  2. Everywhere Else
    The CoPilot was designed as the ULTIMATE truck gun. Chambered in 6mm Creedmoor and fitted with an ultra-compact collapsing rifle stock, it makes an excellent hunting rig for kids! Watch as this father and son team put the CoPilot to the test on a Texas whitetail hunt. Published to YouTube on...
  3. Everywhere Else
    Writing this back in Boston a few days later, all I'm left with are the smells. To celebrate and honor my deer, I gathered my friends for a mess of liver pâté, spicy meatballs, Polish stew, and seared tenderloin with blueberry sauce. As the shoulder meat relaxed into its bath of wine and butter...
1-3 of 3 Results