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  1. Everywhere Else
    The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is gathering feedback from trappers and others across the state as part of an effort to examine and possibly change the way it manages the animals. "Everything is on the table," Webb said. "We're going to be talking about research priorities...
  2. Trapping
    Hey guys, I'm looking at taking the Fur Trapping course but got a quick question first, Can I keep any of the furs I trap? More looking at trapping for myself instead of selling. Thanks
  3. Trapping
    Hello all Trappers, I am searching for small beetles found on trapped beaver. These small insects are sometimes refered to as beaver fleas. My father is an entomologist ( scientist that studies insects) at the university of Guelph in Ontario. He asked me if I could help him find and photograph...
  4. Trapping
    I have a few bags of wax for sale 55lb bags for $60 each please email me for any questions [email protected]
  5. Trapping
    hi am a new trapper I was just thinking am taking my trapping course this mouth and is that all I need to sell my fur to ??thanks
  6. Hunting in the News
    Once again someone is giving hunter/ trapper a bad reputation see Chornicle Herald
  7. Trapping
    I also had 2 near cases as RB had this year, first time I broke the cardinal rule, do not walk where vegatation is growing up through the ice. This was my first experience this year as I also was following yote tracks, thinking I could get a little closer Etc, right leg went through the ice up...
  8. Trapping
    Last couple days out have seen a few weasel tracks so thought it might be cool to try and tag one as I haven't before. I heard bloddy liver, but have none handy. I do have frozen smelt, was thinking the one of them in a weasel box might work, as when we were bear hunting we had a bag of mackeral...
  9. Photo Gallery Photos
    Out checking the line with my up and coming trapper, little legs get tired fast when your 3 feet, so showed him how to make a fire in the snow the proper way, what kid doesn't like a fire, we warmed up a bit then moved on.
  10. Trapping
    When I first thought of this idea I thought I would try using PVC piping, like a clean out, where I could unscrew the cap and afix a small foothold to the inside, then screw the cap back onto the PVC ( Which I was thinking to make about an inch long, then abs a reducer to it to down to a 1"...
  11. Trapping
    Just curious what other trappers would class as good bobcat location. Reason I ask , I have been out scouting my new land and surrounding, and down near a marsh I came accross the biggest cat track I have ever seen. Do they usually stay within the same area, are there certain things within an...
  12. Trapping
    I am new to trapping taking the course this month, I have been hunting for years and am an experianced woodsman but a rookie trapper looking for a veterant to show me the ropes, I can help or just tag along and stay out of your way just looking for a little guidence, any help would be apreciated...
1-12 of 12 Results