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  1. NL Hunting
    Happy Valley-Goose Bay mayor John Hickey has died. Hickey succumbed to injuries related to a self-inflicted accidental gunshot wound while checking his traps alone last week. How the gun went off is unclear but he managed to make his way to the road and get help. He was brought to the Labrador...
  2. Trapping
    I have a few bags of wax for sale 55lb bags for $60 each please email me for any questions [email protected]
  3. Trapping
    Just curious , I have 2 330's and 2 280's and a trap basket that I know I won't be using, have people interested in them but have no idea of the worth of them. They were used before I bought them, were waxed and never used when I bought them and still have never been set. Used but still in great...
1-3 of 3 Results