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  1. Waterfowl Hunting
    First year but bought loads of gear so I’ll be able to pull my weight around😂
  2. Waterfowl Hunting
    Just curious if anyone has ever hunted blind site 8 or 9 at Belleisle? I have only hunted the marsh opening weekend once before and we were in the smaller pond with blind site 1, and 2. We were lucky enough to get drawn this year in the lottery but in the pond of 5,6,7,8,9. It seems like there...
  3. Waterfowl Hunting
    Hey there, New to the area and iv done a good amount of scouting with very little success, I'm willing to pay for areas or do a trade of some sort, Also looking for hunting buddys aswell! Can always email me aswell [email protected]
  4. Waterfowl Hunting
    Hello folks. I got my hunting licence recently, being excited with upcoming season and hope to try some hunting. As a start, I hope to try on geese, pheasants and bunnies, maybe later on deer. The problem is: I don't know where to go to start. If anyone can give some advice, it will be...
  5. Hunting Dogs
    Hello, We have a litter of GWP on the ground. This litter is the 3rd generation out of the bloodline we brought with us from the UK. They are extremely versatile dogs and can be trained in any (or all) of the gun-dog or tracking dog disciplines. This line has a friendly and affectionate...
  6. Everywhere Else
    New Hampshire's Youth Waterfowl Hunting Weekend will be held statewide on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 26-27. According to Fish and Game, participating youth must be 15 or younger and must be accompanied by a properly licensed adult age 18 or older. Adult hunters must possess a regular New...
  7. Waterfowl Hunting
    Well the Opening day for Ducks is tomorrow , been busy as a beaver all morning getting stuff ready , went thru my check list after getting the truck fixed for inspection ffs , but that's a whole different topic , INPECTIONS , GRRRRRR , Let's see the check list so far , boat and trailer loaded ...
  8. Waterfowl Hunting
    With duck season right around the corner i thought it'd be interesting to see what everyone's opinions were on the best and worst tasting waterfowl our province has to offer. For me its a toss up between Teal and Mallard for the best, worse would most definitely be Red breasted merganser id...
  9. Waterfowl Hunting
    Anyone interested in having another tag along for waterfowl this fall in the Inverness area?
  10. Waterfowl Hunting
    hey guys i just baught a tim grounds over haulin short reed goose call, i tryed watching videos on youtube but i just cant seem to catch on to it can someone around halifax area help me?? it would be greatly apreciated,
  11. Gone Hunting
    saturday i took my little cousin duck hunting he is 14, we were sitting in the blind and i was lid down because it was a slow day,we herd a 22 shot in the woods then the bullet just wizzed over my head, my cousin got scared i got up and yelled saying there were people down here and fired a shot...
  12. Rifle/Guns
    hey can anyone tell me or know anyone who would have a bolt handle fora versamax? mine came out saturday and i lost it, better buy dosent have any neither does green diamond
  13. Waterfowl Hunting
    can anyone tell me where i can find a few wood ducks to shoot near hrm i want one to get mounted, thanks
  14. Waterfowl Hunting
    how was everyones opening day? i managed to sneak out of work at 230 to try and get a few shots in before dark got 2 shell birds not the best but better than nothing,
  15. Waterfowl Hunting
    im headed to hants county saturday duck/goose hunting can anyone tell me some swamps/flooded timber areas where they are a few ducks the wife wants to learn how to hunt! thanks!
  16. Waterfowl Hunting
    Anyone ever do any hunting in the Wallace bay national wildlife area?? just curious if there is easy access in to the area?? thanks
  17. Waterfowl Hunting
    Looking to join someone on a goose/duck hunting trip. Tried it a few years ago bought decoys and all that jazz but came to realize its more then blowing on a duck call and throwing some decoys in the water. So Needless to say i had horrible luck, none of my buddies hunt waterfowl so im looking...
  18. Waterfowl Hunting
    Well, here it is December 14th and the duck (inside) season is almost at an end. Only a little over two weeks left. Then, only an additional two weeks for Canada Goose season is left, and then that will up and disappear like a fart in the wind. AND STILL NO FREEZE UPS OR GOOD "DUCK'N" WEATHER...
  19. Scenery/Trailcam
    Hey guys! This is actually my first post here at NSH! I'm the son of Hawkeye, I'm an aspiring hunter, fisher, photographer, and musician, annd this is a thread for some of the pictures I've taken this season, and since I've already harvested all the game I'm allowed, I'll have tons of time for...
1-20 of 20 Results