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All right this is your warning lol
Get your deer or ill get a skunked trophy to you
This is the 8th year im doing this, every year a different design and this years design was hard to decide. Had a few i liked but settled on this
Jaw Natural material Horn Terrestrial animal Cartoon

Itll be a silhouette with no features, bottom section of the cross hair will be cut out

Yes Kevin the usual rules apply
1. You gotta buy a license and try to harvest one
2. If you have both primitive and general license, a harvest in either category makes you ineligible for the trophy.
That's it, go get one

Ill accept names once regular season ends and get trophies out shortly after.

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Kool....The Mrs. will be getting another one to keep her (LMAO) collection up to date 馃榿 馃榿
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