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58 cal update

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As some will remember i got an ugly grey painted stock set on the 58 cal muzzie. Well after hitting it with gasp 60 grit sandpaper because the 100 grit would clog up after a minute as whoever had it before me left the original finish on before adding a black coat (that "melted" when sanded) before the grey paint. After an hour of struggling i decided to try scraping it off, i did the entire stock and forestock in 30min scraping. I then turned on the palm sander 120gr and went all over it to remove any minor blemish i may have missed. Then it was a hand sand @220 to lift and finish the stripping process.
Heres the before and after
Musical instrument accessory Musical instrument Automotive exterior Auto part Metal

Glove Textile Sleeve Dress Wood

The centre wood is from the 45cal, i figured if im doing one might as well do both.
Now there is no way in hell im hiding that wood so im thinking stain to bring out the grain then oil or just oil?


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I would do stain the oil , make that wood pop with the grain structure
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