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Bear down

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A buddy of mine started bear hunting last year and was successful, so this year he was all on his own at the same site. Opening day he fired and missed, Tuesday nothing showed while he was there, didnt hunt yesterday as work got in his way, today he was back sitting. 520pm he sends me a message he fired and missed again, gets down and checks for blood/hair and there is none. I send him a pic of bear vitals.
I tell him to get back and sit and be patient, the bear will give you the shot. 6pm i get bears down, i heard the death moan. I tell him to relax for 15min and then mark the blood trail, he goes 30m and theres the bear
Now its my turn at the site 🙂 he had 8 to 10 bears coming in so im hoping ill tag out quick. My trusty .44rm will be going to the bear woods loaded up with 240gr hornady xtp over 8.3gr hp38. Itll put a hurting on any bear coming in while im there
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congrats to your bud, SS.

and best of luck to you on the hunt.
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