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FYI Guys.........The best way I find to to attach pics is to first upload them to the gallery

Do the following:

1. Click gallery tab on top of page

2. select the gallery where you want to store your pic

3. click upload (right hand side of screen)

4. select "choose file" and find the photo you want to upload on your computer(probably in your pictures folder) select the photo you want to upload.(double click it)

5. click "review and publish"

6. click "finish and publish"

Your pic should now be uploaded to the gallery of your choice.

Now when you go to post you will see a "My Media tab" on the tool bar just above where you are typing, click the My Media tab then on the left click the "Gallery Images" tab and all the pics you've uploaded will be there. Select the photo you want to attach and voila.......hope this helps
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