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Made a bird feeder and put it behind the house and set one of my trail cameras on it Getting lots of different types, and this guy. I`ve got Cardinals both male and female but this one , which I think , is a cardinal, or just some odd ball colour phase. Anyone know what it is ?

Sky Plant People in nature Grass Tree

Bird Sky Plant Beak Grass

Plant Sky Bird Grass People in nature
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I've seen a few over the years. I remember seeing the odd one when the snow was down too ! Back when I was young, early every winter, my mom would make me go down the road to the "mash" and cut 4 or 5 black spruce trees...drag em up over the road (1/2 mile or more) and stick them in amongst her big weigela trees...for the poor little birds ! They need some cover to stay warm she'd say.. ( I miss her so)
She'd always save her used lard, shortening and fat and mix it with bird seed and get me to put it out there for them.
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