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Made a bird feeder and put it behind the house and set one of my trail cameras on it Getting lots of different types, and this guy. I`ve got Cardinals both male and female but this one , which I think , is a cardinal, or just some odd ball colour phase. Anyone know what it is ?

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Plant Sky Bird Grass People in nature
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We’ve had cardinals here for 4-5 yrs. They tend to shy away from one feeder which is in the open but see them a lot at another feeder that’s kind of hidden amongst some trees.
We have a cat but she is old ( 21 now) and can’t catch birds or squirrels but does get the odd mole, likely cause they’re blind.
Poor guy must have froze here last night frost on the roof and two cold days coming like highs of 6 and 7 WTF is wrong it is almosy june for god sakes
Climate change joe where ya been????
Ffs I remember swimming in May when I was a kid
Not sure if it’s federal or provincial so take your pick between the premier and the prime minister.
Just remember when the blue jays lose it TRUDEAU’s FAULT !!!!!!!
ps we have half a dozen or so humming birds here, had one about a foot from my face yesterday on the deck. We seem to have a lot more birds around this year then in other yrs.
Damn things start chirping before the sun comes up, the cardinals are the worst!!!
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