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Made a bird feeder and put it behind the house and set one of my trail cameras on it Getting lots of different types, and this guy. I`ve got Cardinals both male and female but this one , which I think , is a cardinal, or just some odd ball colour phase. Anyone know what it is ?

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I usually have the odd cardinal come around, one of my favourites to see!
The hummingbirds are out here, as well.
I've had a pair at my feeder here in Bedford off and on over the winter these last 4 years. Beautiful birds.
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The hummers are buzzing around here
Wife put the feeders out last week and weve refilled them already
I put mine out at least two weeks ago and had to refill it Saturday but haven't seen a single one!
A bit seems to have leaked out because of the feeder blowing around but I hope the rest was eaten.
Tony m said”
I've had a pair at my feeder here in Bedford off and on over the winter these last 4 years. Beautiful birds.”

We had them visit the feeder during the winter in Windsor. About five years ago we decided not to feed the birds any longer due to the amount of domestic house cats lining up on our fence lying in wait to attack the various birds at the feeder. The last winter we feed the birds I found the remains of at least a half dozen birds.
Apparently domestic cats are one of a song bird’s worst predators.
Yes that can be a problem. We had one guy sitting under the feeder occasionally this winter but he never caught anything and I put the run to him every time I saw him. We had two outdoor cats a few years ago and they definitely killed a few songbirds and lots of rodents. More mice than birds thankfully.
We saw our first one of the year here in Bedford about a hour ago now. They may have been around before but we had not managed to catch 'em at the feeder.
I have at least one male and one female for sure.
I believe we have the same here. Both were at the feeder at the same time a couple days ago.
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