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Made a bird feeder and put it behind the house and set one of my trail cameras on it Getting lots of different types, and this guy. I`ve got Cardinals both male and female but this one , which I think , is a cardinal, or just some odd ball colour phase. Anyone know what it is ?

Sky Plant People in nature Grass Tree

Bird Sky Plant Beak Grass

Plant Sky Bird Grass People in nature
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Any hummingbirds yet at the new place
haven`t seen one yet, got all kinds of birds that we didn`t have at the old house, but so far no humming birds.
First hummingbird in the window looking at me saying Joe Where TF is my feeder Right on schedule normally here the long weekend in may have to get the feeder out today and four deer in the yard :) as we speak
Haven`t seen any humming birds here at the new house Joe. Went from hundreds at the old place to zero here. I took down the humming bird feeder yesterday and am putting up another small bird feeder. Lot of Cardinals, Finches and other birds here. Got this pheasant that comes up on my deck every morning and attacks his image reflected in my patio doors. Pecks the hell out of them till I chase him away.

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