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I am looking for some deer hunting enthusiast to give me a hand.

I am offering some free samples of BuckOn deer supplement for feedback on our product and photos to back it up.

If you are interested and would like more information, please send me an email to:

Dennis Allen

Windsor N.S.

[email protected]


High-Performance Deer Supplement

-offers highest quality nutrition available
-pHd formulated for maximum health from nutrition
-top quality ingredients - no waste products, organic trace minerals
Buck On is an incredible collaboration between nutritionists, hunters, and manufacturers, all with a common goal, BUCK ON! Buck On produces higher quality products at a lower price than anybody. Try us. If you can find a matching formula with better ingredients at a lower cost, we'll give your money back.*

Buck On uses organic trace minerals and not simple inorganic products. Organic trace minerals have a long history of research in feeding all types of animals. The minerals in Buck On offer the highest absorption level which means your deer get ALL of what you paid for. Inorganic minerals are more often found in feces than being used by the deer. Hopefully, that's what your neighbour is using and when the deer arrive at your location they'll keep coming back for more.

Buck On ingredients have been field tested to resist moisture damage. Typical high salt products will clump and mold. Buck On, when used and stored as directed, will last for months to spread at your location. This makes it easy to purchase once and use for the entire season without product damage.

Buck On offers what most others can't touch: a pH balanced formula and ingredients chosen for efficacy from across the globe. Ingredient quality is important but ingredient quantity is critical. Using homemade and traditional supplements wreak havoc on healthy deer. Skittishness, abortions of young and compromised rack set are but a few nutrition-related concerns. The carefully balanced nutrition found in Buck On makes calmer, happier deer that will increase doe lactation promoting stronger, healthier offspring and of course bigger racks. You will actually taste the difference of a well fed deer.

Please feel free to ask if you require assistance designing a full feed location. Buck On experienced staff is here to help and we've got the pictures to prove the results. We also encourage customers to post and review this product either at or on Facebook @ Buck On Deer Supplement.
Currently is still under construction!

It is the goal of Buck On to provide a supplement that brings in deer and keeps them coming back. We, at Buck On, are happy to discuss our strategies and answer your nutritional questions and concerns. Buck On offers this unrivaled quality and service at a cost comparable to no other.
*Customer must provide formula and ingredient list as well as advertised pricing. Review by in house nutritionist will be final.
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