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Butcher Locations?

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Hi all,

I live in Pictou County and need to find a butcher who can process a deer when the season starts this year.

I am hoping we can use this thread to post well-regarded butcher's phone numbers and/or locations (Pictou County and across NS), to help people in the same position I am in.

I understand a lot of butchers operate on the side and don't necessarily have a website.

So please let me and all of us know who we can use to butcher/process a deer.

Thanks and good luck to you all.
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If you are in the county :

Nova Traditional Hwy #4, 6462 Old Merigonish Rd, RR 1 Linacy New Glasgow, NS B2H 5C4 Beverley & Darren Atwater 902-752-7419 or 902-396-6604.

Page 69 :p
Some listed in the regs booklet.
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