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Chinese election interference

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“investigation for Global News identifies that PM Justin Trudeau's senior aides were allegedly briefed by CSIS shortly before the October 2019 federal election, that candidate Han Dong, was suspected to be involved in PRC Foreign Interference.
CSIS investigators would later allege that Chinese Canadian seniors and students were bussed into the riding, and students were told they had to vote for a certain candidate to keep their student visas, sources informed Global News. They said Han Dong was the candidate.
National security officials also allege that Han Dong, now a sitting MP re-elected in 2021, is 1 of at least 11 Toronto-area riding candidates supported by Beijing in 2019. These officials said CSIS also believes Dong is a witting affiliate in China’s election interference.
But rather than heeding the alleged CSIS concerns about Dong, the party allowed him to proceed in 2019, and he won the seat.”
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Never count the Liberals out is right. With mail in ballots and Chinese meddling, I never count them out. Just like the US ... 82 million votes. What an effing joke !!!!
Doesn't take much of a clown to run a country, apparently. We have a drama teacher, and the US has a decrepit old Pedo. We need a change in government. Plain and simple. Regardless if people think Pierre is not the man for the job .... why not give him a chance ???? He has never been PM. He sure as hell will never be as bad as what we have now. NS needed a change, so they voted in Tim. Will he be the best Premier we have seen. ??? .... probably not, but we needed a change ... just like we need a change in the federal government.
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Regardless if PP is Harpers puppet or not ... we need a change.... and Singh-along is not it. I would take Harper back in a heartbeat. Try to fix this mess up that ding bat put us in
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Trudeau knows there is trouble in paradise. There will soon be something happening to take the focus off of this fiasco.... wait for it.
Don't forget Trudopes favorite term .... DOMESTIC TERRORIST
Of course nothing will come of it. He'll just throw something else out there to take the focus off the chinese meddling.
If there is no Chinese interference and the Libs did nothing wrong ... why give back the money ???? You're damn right this opened people's eyes and it's just damage control as mentioned above.
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Yup … everything will be forgotten. There will be another scandal to take the minds off the previous ones.
Spoken like a true liberal .... pure deflection. We are in a totally different time right now than we were in 10 years ago. You liberals love living in the past. What has come to light recently with the Chinese interference is totally unacceptable and Trudeau knows this. He is downplaying it, and stopping people from talking about it. He even had a Global reporter fired for talking about it. Once again .... stop living in the past. We need the transparency that this POS Trudeau promised us.
Funny you should say WAKE UP. I tell that to all the Lib supporters. They're the ones with their heads firmly lodged in their backsides.
Keep living in the past. This is 2023 and the country is in a huge crisis ... but carry on, and continue to vote for the treasonous POS
I don't need to backup anything. All you need to do is watch what's going on in the country at this very moment, not 10 20 30 years ago. We are in a huge crisis in this country, but the Trudeau supporters just shrug it off and blame Harper.
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Ok ... let's just say that Harper was bad for Canada. Harper did some shady stuff as well. We get that. You liberals seem to forget the platform that Trudeau was propping up before the 2015 election. He was supposed to fix all of Harper's mistakes. What did he do?? Drive inflation up, putting us in a debt that we have never seen before , contribute to the healthcare crisis by bringing in boat loads of immigrants, laundering money in Ukraine, scandal after scandal after scandal. He is a cancer to this country, and 10 times worse than Harper ever thought of being. You keep defending Trudeau but you say you're not a liberal. I call bullshit on that. You have voted in every election since you were able and your X went next to the liberal candidate....EVERY TIME. No one will tell me different.
Trudeau number one tried to turn Canada into a communist country .... Trudeau number two, is succeeding.
Not in the eyes of a Liberal. This country is going down the shitter fast. I did not say it was a communist country. Twirp #1 tried … and Twirp #2 is SUCCEEDING. If he continues with his dictatorship ways … he will SUCCEED !!
In todays world … a PM should NOT be able to prevent the RCMP from investigating him. In todays world … a PM should NOT be able to appoint a judge that is a relative of his through marriage, to sit on an inquiry as important as evoking the Emergency Act. In todays world … a PM should NOT be able to say no to a public inquiry concerning the Chinese election interference…. But here we are. What does this guy have to hide. Part of his election promise in 2015 was TRANSPARENCY
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It will NEVER happen TS. Why would he ??? Trudy and his posse never does anything wrong ... 🤔🤔🤣🤣
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... and I bet you're tuned in to CBC. 😄
Been a while since I heard anyone call it ATV. No wonder you are out of touch with what's going on .... you are watching re-runs of Dave Wright. 😂
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