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Chinese election interference

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“investigation for Global News identifies that PM Justin Trudeau's senior aides were allegedly briefed by CSIS shortly before the October 2019 federal election, that candidate Han Dong, was suspected to be involved in PRC Foreign Interference.
CSIS investigators would later allege that Chinese Canadian seniors and students were bussed into the riding, and students were told they had to vote for a certain candidate to keep their student visas, sources informed Global News. They said Han Dong was the candidate.
National security officials also allege that Han Dong, now a sitting MP re-elected in 2021, is 1 of at least 11 Toronto-area riding candidates supported by Beijing in 2019. These officials said CSIS also believes Dong is a witting affiliate in China’s election interference.
But rather than heeding the alleged CSIS concerns about Dong, the party allowed him to proceed in 2019, and he won the seat.”
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You guys still crying bout Trudy boy Join a party run for office vote the liberals out. Get involved. Might help but things are going downhill and I don’t think it can be fixed. Too many snowflakes and sissies in this country. Plus too many liberals!
Hard to believe the current gov has any support left in this country but the fact they do is proof enough for me that things ain’t a gonna change.
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I see the CEO and the rest of the board of the Trudeau Foundation has resigned. Yup ... nothing to see here folks. 🤣🤣 .... what a fekking joke.
Them and current liberal MP’s - HANG EM HANG EM HIGH
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