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Chinese election interference

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“investigation for Global News identifies that PM Justin Trudeau's senior aides were allegedly briefed by CSIS shortly before the October 2019 federal election, that candidate Han Dong, was suspected to be involved in PRC Foreign Interference.
CSIS investigators would later allege that Chinese Canadian seniors and students were bussed into the riding, and students were told they had to vote for a certain candidate to keep their student visas, sources informed Global News. They said Han Dong was the candidate.
National security officials also allege that Han Dong, now a sitting MP re-elected in 2021, is 1 of at least 11 Toronto-area riding candidates supported by Beijing in 2019. These officials said CSIS also believes Dong is a witting affiliate in China’s election interference.
But rather than heeding the alleged CSIS concerns about Dong, the party allowed him to proceed in 2019, and he won the seat.”
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Woopty doop nothin to see here folks. Anyone still have any doubts about China needing to be cut out like a cancer?
I don't know about the rest on here but what does it save about ones character to support any thing that he has done. Your ok with stealing, lying, breaking laws, sexual assault, assault, what else has he not done? What happened to people that they them selves no longer have any ethics like this PM?
Tells me they’re communists, useful idiots, probably both.
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Dick fadden is apparantly going to be interviewed by global today so I’m interested in what he says about the matter
Csis has been blowing this whilste on this way back since 2010 and before.

Politicians need that sweet dirty commie money though. Cut these worthless coward commies out of our nation. No trade, no students, no tourism, no nothing. Start arresting Traitors for treason.
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Yes the trudeaus have a heavy admiration for China, his papa, communist Sr even was good friends with Mao Zedong leader of the communist uprising in 1949 and had millions killed or starved over, we just accepted that I guess. His father and he is a POS, their followers either evil or useful idiots.
Let’s not forget Castro either, after the Cuban missile crisis instead of respecting our closest allies this communist decided to cosy up with other communists that threatened our cousin nations life The Trudeau family's love of tyrants -
Their legacy’s are dog shit, oppression, “we know what’s best for you” and instilling a failure ideology on our nation.
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starting to sound a whole lot like today with the attacks on our economy of small business by making everything more expensive under the guise of “green initiatives”. Or the plandemic, or anything they do to try to disrupt the economy
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All that and mr fuddle duddle communist sr thought was all good to be up close and personal with this guy and publicly to. The god damn gall of these losers
More Chinese bullshit. Take a “vacation” and have your baby get free citizenship.
I have no doubt. Just as the sun will rise tomorrow morning. NDP jag meat “condemns” it which talk is cheap but will he pull his coalition with the liberals? Lots of chatter every time but then goes and votes in favour. How much is a socialist dental deal worth to him I wonder. Our own money no less, but some think it’s “free”.

NOW THAT, would be a statue worth topling. Imagine having that commie btch as a statue in our country
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I don’t play sides of “oh them damn libs I want MY team to win!!”. It just so happens foreign infiltration is so much more common on the liberal side. I want all commies and ones with commie ties deported or tried for treason. No game to me, it’s our nation we’re talking about not a sports event or game of who can be more correct or wrong.
Probably was Harper
Harper, racism, or disinformation. The three go to cards to play
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