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Chinese election interference

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“investigation for Global News identifies that PM Justin Trudeau's senior aides were allegedly briefed by CSIS shortly before the October 2019 federal election, that candidate Han Dong, was suspected to be involved in PRC Foreign Interference.
CSIS investigators would later allege that Chinese Canadian seniors and students were bussed into the riding, and students were told they had to vote for a certain candidate to keep their student visas, sources informed Global News. They said Han Dong was the candidate.
National security officials also allege that Han Dong, now a sitting MP re-elected in 2021, is 1 of at least 11 Toronto-area riding candidates supported by Beijing in 2019. These officials said CSIS also believes Dong is a witting affiliate in China’s election interference.
But rather than heeding the alleged CSIS concerns about Dong, the party allowed him to proceed in 2019, and he won the seat.”
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Well if true why isn't the CPC crying and you know old Pierre would be . He crys about everything else and this would be HUGE
Ok even for giggles lets say it is true The quote posted
National security officials also allege that Han Dong, now a sitting MP re-elected in 2021, is 1 of at least 11 Toronto-area riding candidates

Would those 11 have changed the election if the cpc got those for seats NOPE SO a mute point

Also those 11 are not all red which is why maybe old pierre is not freaking
The parliamentary procedure and house affairs committee is already investigating a Global News report that China interfered in the 2019 election by secretly funding 11 candidates, nine Liberals and two Conservatives. The committee is now expanding its investigation to include the 2021 election.
Todays request is going out to 3Maccs, Cindy Lauper and True Colors 😀
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I really think Golden Earing and the Twilight Zone would be better fit of a request , same regurgitation on daily basis , pretty much cloning of bias news 😎😂😂😂
Regardless of what corruption it seems people will try to say someone else is wore. This logic is whats helping Trudeau ruin the country. I really wonder what its going to take. Just think of the tax payers money that he has spent just to cover things up in the past 8 years? On average at least three times a year now there is some sort of investigation. Once again he has lied about the Chineses interference. I don't know about the rest on here but what does it save about ones character to support any thing that he has done. Your ok with stealing, lying, breaking laws, sexual assault, assault, what else has he not done? What happened to people that they them selves no longer have any ethics like this PM? Regardless of what his supporters believe there is not one leader that will trust him, have any thing to do with him. This means Canada is going no where.
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Like seriously WTF can you or ANYONE do about it What happened to them they are all MP's now in Ottawa
But Joe here is why we are here. The bad man is in power, he is not being transparent. Vote him out. A badder man then gets power and its "no sense changing any thing as someone could be worse". Why did we vote the bad guy out then if we knew that someone could be worse? 😀
Posted this article by mistake in another forum. But shows the mentality of Trudeau and where we are headed. We are a country built on natural resources but under Judy`s rule that will end. Canada will some day have all the remaining natural resources in the world, and we will still never sell them. We will be known as Carbon Canada
No because of no military we will be one day invaded and our resources will be someone elses
OH once again be serious like canada could ever stand up to the US What do you guys smoke down your way would love to get some:p:p
A hand full of Cape Bretoners could take over the country the shape our forces are in. Who said US.
No one votes thinking who they pick will be worse
Here is one thing that has happened the Liberals have regained seven points back in a month and now are the front runners for another minority government a month ago it was the cpc for a minority must be a lot of those unethical people in canada:p that don't think the health care plan it that bad
Popular vote projection

34% ± 4%CPC
33% ± 4%LPC
19% ± 3%NDP
7% ± 1%BQ
4% ± 1%GPC
3% ± 2%

PPC338Canada Popular vote projection | February 19, 2023

338Canada seat projection | 170 seats for a majority
147 [117-168]LPC minoirity
138 [116-165]CPC

338Canada seat projection | February 19, 2023
Interesting as there have been some liberal MP's coming forward not happy with there leader. Also seems to be concern within the party of Trudeau being the one for the next election. People will seriously have to make a choice, stop the spending or completely destroy the country and live in poverty. .
Who said US me in my reply to DD you think they would let anyone take over canada but them PLEASE PLEASE can I buy some:p:p Glad to see the strength in capers:D:D
You under estimate a Cape Bretoner with a lever action 😀
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Smart of Pierre IMo and he is handling it properly and telling the truth and I bet will kick some internal ass in his group unlike Justin would do
You seem to indicate to me that no one else should be or is capable of being in power? You have said many times say you only voted red once, and from what we can conclude it was not the past few years? Very confusing when your posts seem to put down all the other parties except the liberal party. 😀 I hear that Cindy Lauper song in my head again. 😀 😀 😀
What are you talking about they don't need me to put them down That is well taken care of here and as I have said before just showing both sides which some refuse to want to see or hear
But really I don;t care for any of them right now and guess what NONE are capable of being in power right now with the four clowns we have to chose from
So you have not voted for anyone the past few years?
Right now its almost like Canada is being run by someone from the insane aslyum. Has any seen some of the PM's responses lately? Time to stop this now. This has got out of control.
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Spoken like a true liberal .... pure deflection. We are in a totally different time right now than we were in 10 years ago. You liberals love living in the past. What has come to light recently with the Chinese interference is totally unacceptable and Trudeau knows this. He is downplaying it, and stopping people from talking about it. He even had a Global reporter fired for talking about it. Once again .... stop living in the past. We need the transparency that this POS Trudeau promised us.
We have huge properties in Ontario purchased by the chinese, fenced and guarded by chineses soldiers, not to mention police stations. Nothing wrong here 😀
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You guys realize that with all all the negative posts there has been over the years about Trudeau as PM, there is no one but 3Maccs that see's the positive. I am waiting for the day he starts a post slamming the liberals, that's not happening. 😀
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Negative posts by the same few you mean of the maybe 20 that posts here Some here thank god that have their head in the air not their ass know they are all the same and have agreed Look one like already the other will be here soon , :p:p AND once again who cares
That did not take long 😀
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Nope I am on top of my game today :) Supper and dishes done so time to waste:D before the news
Been alone dealing with this same attacks since a young lad and did just fine so have your fun just stop all the noise please :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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So what your saying is you have been a liberal since a boy? 😀
And what did they get no public inquiry . Like those that can see reality knew all would come is another big waste of time and Justin will control it No it will find out who leaked the info and give them the 14 years in prison the charge is I would say is their main goal
I just shake my head. How many 100 times I have heard since 2015 justins days are numbered he is gone or the last year his old friend The NDP is going to pull out
Some are do desperate to see him gone they will actually believe this is going to happen Well 8 years have passed and tons of scandals and he is still here and will be after this also
I say the problem is with some here is what old king said but carry on having it
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The sad thing is for all the time spent in office, tax payer money went to all these scandals. Nothing in eight years has ever been discussed but thgese scandals in the house of commons, nothing else. This is where people should be mad. Its one party, one person that has done this. I could not fathom the amount of money spent on cover ups for Justin Trudeau. I lost all respect for the RCMP over his tenure. Nothing ever gets investigated.
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