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this carbon credit just ends up being more nonsese. I went to a bunch of agricultural info sessions on this stuff it is realy not impressive when you understand the concept . Basicaly every activity is a carbon emiter , cutting/ burning wood / energy ; so the big poluters instead of reducing there outputs could buy creadits from someone who is in a surplus position ;farmer /landowner. Sounds like a good idea polluter pays others to clean up his mess , but what you need to realise they are not just going to pay someone for doing as they always have .to be able to have credits to sell you would need to do somethinf diferent to reduce your emisions to have the surplus .Ie take land that was being plowed and cultivated (corn/grain )out of production and seed down to permanant cover (pasture or trees).As soon as you cut your trees or plow the feild you increase you carbon again . now you are the emitter .Over the years alot of ag technology has improved farms have done alot more no-till planting and reduced excess fertilizer less erosion etc , etc. but non of this progress counts would have to be new improvements from then on . The only one that will benifit are those that have not done any effort to improve and do so now while guys who have been steadily improving will get nothing for what they already reward the improvements but not guy who is doing the best job.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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