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Climate change math

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A teen, not mine, presented this question to me regarding a project that he is doing on Climate Change.
Give it a read and let your fingers do the googling to verify the numbers.
I also have screenshots of his sources as well, though for privacy reasons, I refrained from posting them.
Very interested to hear your feedback.
Note: The 542.6 million tonnes is from all fossil fuels combustion and industrial processes.
Figured I would clarify, as I would not want to misquote this young fella.

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The results here are saying that there is a range between 4.5 and 40.7 tons of Carbon Dioxide removed per year per hectare during the first 20 years of tree growth. The rate of removal depends on the location and type of forest and the statistic is measured on an area basis rather than a tree basis.Oct 5, 2021
One Tree Planted | Tree Planting Non-Profit: One Dollar, One Tree › stories
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The problem is we do not live under a dome in Canada. Nova Scotia is officially knowing as the exhaust pipe of North America.
The key findings are that locally-created ozone has decreased, and so has the amount of ozone pollutants blown into Nova Scotia from the northeastern United States. The latter finding is especially notable because ozone can be transported long distances and Nova Scotia is considered at the tailpipe of North America.

The study found this "transported" pollution now makes up a greater proportion of the surface ozone, accounting for 45 to 63 per cent of ozone levels in Halifax.😟.
Try as we may, we still have to deal with our neighbours pollution.
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It would be helpful to know the title of the young fellas research project. Exactly what aspect (s) of climate change will make up the main body of his presentation and what significant statement (s) argument (s) and conclusion (s) is he aiming to present.
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If this teacher worked in Ontario and they were to be disciplined, it would be public knowledge. Not so in Nova Scotia where teacher discipline is done under a cloak of secrecy.

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