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Climate change math

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A teen, not mine, presented this question to me regarding a project that he is doing on Climate Change.
Give it a read and let your fingers do the googling to verify the numbers.
I also have screenshots of his sources as well, though for privacy reasons, I refrained from posting them.
Very interested to hear your feedback.
Note: The 542.6 million tonnes is from all fossil fuels combustion and industrial processes.
Figured I would clarify, as I would not want to misquote this young fella.

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We are far from that just under the top 10 worst at number 11 But you sit in the weeds so I understand :p :p why all you see is green
If you believe anything from the UNEP ... I have oceanfront property in Arizona to sell.
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No I guess I would have to get information from you and your pal for it to be correct OH boy
Do you honestly believe ... that paying a carbon tax is going to change the climate ???? Do you actually believe that ???? All the tax money in the world, won't reverse the natural progression of the earth.
There is lots of books and documentaries that think the “global warming” and “climate change”, are just government hoaxes to gain power.… and money. Most people don’t realize that the earth was warmer than it is now, during the medieval period. I’m sure the coal burning power plants were responsible for that !!! We all know the climate is changing. Those that call it a government hoax (scientists) are quickly stifled because it goes against the narrative. The ONLY thing that will change with this carbon tax bullshit, is that we will will be poorer because of it.
And there is the key my friend you read what is out there. The earth was created to be sulf sustaining it was man and what we have done that placed it in the state it is in and only man can smarten up and try to at least stop the damage before it is too late
Paying a carbon tax will not reverse climate change. It's happening and we cannot change it. It's all about the money. The earth was warmer 800 years ago, than it is now. Why ????? Maybe it was all the cow burps ?? Maybe it was all the coal being used to heat their homes ?? Maybe it was the billions of cars driving around the country side ??? Maybe it was all the diesel powered ships ???? ... or maybe it was the natural progression of the earth and its rotation on its axis ???? Al Gores "global warming" was debunked. That's why they changed the name to "climate change" and brought on a whiny little school girl as their spokesperson. Sorry ... but I don't buy into the government BS. If they were so concerned about it, thousands of people would not fly to these climate summits. Trudeau is one of the worst. He's constantly flying somewhere. After watching the video of him leaving the Michelin plant in Bridgewater, there was about 30 vehicles in his Convoy. He's really concerned about the climate now, isn't he ????
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Maybe that is how GOD planned it :) YOU believe NOTHING from goverment but I bet you will take their cheques some day if not already
Not my words but agree 100% can we reverse it no IMO but we can sure stop it or slow it down where it is
It is a mistake to believe that we are not paying for emitting greenhouse gases. Even if we do not pay a monetary price for carbon emissions we do pay a very large price, the consequences of climate change.

Without a monetary carbon price it is those who have the smallest emissions that suffer the largest costs from climate change. A carbon price, in contrast, means that those who cause the emissions also pay for them.

A key reason why voters are not in favour of carbon pricing is that many believe it won’t actually reduce emissions, but empirical research and theory show that this is wrong: pricing carbon emissions – either via a carbon tax or a ‘cap and trade’-system – is effective. It shifts production and consumption from carbon-intensive goods and services to low-carbon alternatives and does reduce emissions.

Many are deeply concerned about climate change yet feel hopeless that anything can be done to meet this challenge. Increasing the understanding that carbon pricing works, correcting common misconceptions, and showing that there is a way forward are key steps for a successful fight against climate change.
You can't fight climate change. It's happening, regardless of what we do. I will stick to what I see from other scientists, the ones that don't follow the lefts narrative. The only thing that makes sense, is the earth wobble and the changing of the axis. I'm not supporting the government funded narrative. I will be forced to pay to drive my vehicle, or fly, and I can't change that. Pay to play, I guess.
.... and taking government cheques ???? .... you damn straight I will be. I have 3 years to go (if I live that long) until I get CPP. As far as I'm concerned ... it's my money to begin with. I wonder how much money we pay into the government in our lifetime ???? We work jobs to get paid. Before we get paid ... the government gets their share. What little we have left, is to buy things inorder to survive. Just about everything we buy, is taxed... so you're damnned right, I will take every cent the government is handing out.
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Gates is exactly correct! There are too damm many people on earth. Modern lifestyles and habits harm the environment because of the sheer numbers of people.
I wish I was poking fun, but I'm not.
Gates has said many times, that the earth is over populated.... and it is ... hence, bring on the covid. Wait until the next pandemic. It's coming within the next few years. It's coming ... and will be much worse than the glorified cold. Gates ... Biden ... Obama ... members of the WHO ... and many others, have let it slip out during speeches. They say "the next pandemic" .... they do not say "IF" there is another pandemic ... they say the next pandemic. Obama talked about the covid pandemic back in 2014 ... like he knew it was gonna happen during Trumps Presidency. These pandemics are man-made and the next one will be a version of the smallpox and will kill many more than covid did. I hope I live long enough to see the negative impact on child bearing, that the covid vaccine will have on young adults.
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Creepy, Pedo Joe is the only one that doesn't realize he's a decrepit old man. In my opinion, it would be a huge mistake for the Democratic party to let him run again. I fully expect Trixie to take over before the next election.
Buckmark I got a funny PM I was asked to present :LOL:
They would like to know did you take these guys with you on the ship from Mars when you came or did you recruit them here and would you please take them back when the ship returns

AND NOT MY WORDS but love it (y)

dinner is over back to the donuts
have fun
Not sure what you're getting at. Your Liberal friends too scared to ask ???
I’m glad that you and you Liberal friends find humour in it. It certainly is nothing to laugh at. Your hero Trudeau is driving this country into the ground. Open your eyes and look at something other than CBC and CNN. There are lots of impartial media outlets out there. Canada is the laughing stock of the world with sock boy at the wheel. He is laundering millions of OUR money through Ukraine … he is the most racist person I know … he is causing a great divide of Canadians … he caters to the illegal immigrants …. And the list goes on and on and on … and you clowns still vote for the POS. I really don’t get it. Since you and your Liberal buddies are so close with the Turd … maybe ask Trudeau about his sexual adventure with a 12 year old girl during his time as a drama teacher. He is as sick as Pedo Joe … and you guys put him on a pedestal.
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A local grade 7 teacher told a class full of kids, that he was happy the queen died. No need of the monarchy any longer. Regardless of what you believe, you don't say that to a class full of grade 7 kids. The same teacher made a joke about hanging someone. Wouldn't have been so bad, but a student of his just lost his brother to a suicide by hanging. I don't think he was reprimanded on either occurrence. I know some of the parents complained
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