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Climate change math

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A teen, not mine, presented this question to me regarding a project that he is doing on Climate Change.
Give it a read and let your fingers do the googling to verify the numbers.
I also have screenshots of his sources as well, though for privacy reasons, I refrained from posting them.
Very interested to hear your feedback.
Note: The 542.6 million tonnes is from all fossil fuels combustion and industrial processes.
Figured I would clarify, as I would not want to misquote this young fella.

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Don’t forget that cow poop and farts are the biggest problem, just ask bill gates.
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Guess that was to be a funny was it Wife's grand dad lived there until he passed and we went down many times Beautiful place in fact brought two old cars back from there and I would love to own property there Guess you have similar experiences there :rolleyes: If you did you would know this and yep toured it twice we did Incredible place especially the ocean
Arizona is awesome. Spent most of our time up in Sadona perfect weather and great golf! Didn’t see their rain forest tho
I own a whole bunch of trees, where do I go to get my tax rebate or credit??😀
You should get one or at least not have to pay the carbon tax
Call Trudy and ask- lol
But good thinking ( dreaming)
Did you not see the two laughing faces and is it not the truth :pOh I guess that should impress me we have three of those useless GG awards one brother one sister and and guess who and my sister has two degrees and her masters but cannot tie her shoes or understand underarm is important :( and it is nice for woman to shave their legs and arm pits :(and I sure would not ask her about climate change But if you have all of that brilliance at your finger tips why even ask us old fools and for god sake talk to the kid first to see what the true scope of this project is and what he is trying to achieve Why did I bother trying to help the kid NOT you
I never went to university but I’m smarter then all you put together, well maybe not everyone just most.
But hey joe I really believe your smarter then most 5th graders!
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Maybe , send him a care pkg of Hooked on Phonics 😎
????? WTF did you learn nothing from that, just sound it out it’s easy-
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This is also nothing new and over 40 countries have implemented it now with britian having the most history so believe what ever you like and once again not just a justin thing and time for canada to wake up and get with the program

In Britain, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, greenhouse gas emissions have fallen to their lowest level since 1890. One key factor: A carbon tax that has prompted electric utilities to switch away from coal.
Technically, Britain is covered by the European Union’s broader cap-and-trade system, which sets an overall ceiling on emissions from key industries and allows companies to buy and sell carbon permits. But, because of a glut of permits on the market, carbon prices in Europe remained low for years and the program has had a relatively muted effect on emissions.
So, in 2013, Parliament enacted a carbon price floor under the system for certain sectors, including electricity, a policy that essentially functions as a carbon tax of around $25 per ton. That tax has encouraged electric utilities to rapidly switch from coal to somewhat cleaner natural gas. This is perhaps the clearest example in the world of a carbon tax leading to a significant cut in emissions.
Good results for sure but that article talks about carbon taxes for big industry not individuals
The upper middle class ( if it still exists in Canada) and higher income persons will continue to drive their gas guzzlers cause they can afford too. Could you find any examples of a carbon tax on individuals creating less use of gas/ diesel vechiles and thereby helping the situation????
If the gov wants us to go electric and stop burning oil to heat our homes then the gov should pay for our heat pumps and EV’s.
You can't fight climate change. It's happening, regardless of what we do. I will stick to what I see from other scientists, the ones that don't follow the lefts narrative. The only thing that makes sense, is the earth wobble and the changing of the axis. I'm not supporting the government funded narrative. I will be forced to pay to drive my vehicle, or fly, and I can't change that. Pay to play, I guess.
.... and taking government cheques ???? .... you damn straight I will be. I have 3 years to go (if I live that long) until I get CPP. As far as I'm concerned ... it's my money to begin with. I wonder how much money we pay into the government in our lifetime ???? We work jobs to get paid. Before we get paid ... the government gets their share. What little we have left, is to buy things inorder to survive. Just about everything we buy, is taxed... so you're damnned right, I will take every cent the government is handing out.
I agree climate change will happen and NOTHING we do will stop it. Wake up people the climate on this planet has been changing since time began and long before mankind and will continue to long after humans become extinct and we will become extinct!!!
Nope not my words and sorry I didnot indictate very clearly they were figured most would know that :p something like the way I have to read minds here I guess but clear they say to others :) I will try to find it again and share You are unfamiliar since you don't get the mars channels like others here:D:D Buckmark can help with that if you require it :) I don't get it but try to stay up on their foolishness ;) for laughs

here one of many that say the same and have the background to say it unlike old ben
You can find negative info on anyone if you look.
Well except maybe Bo Bichette !!!!!
Mother Nature and God Almighty control the earths cycles and climate. Twenty million yrs is ago.......... Sorry but no one can convince me that scientists can actually know what the earth was like back then let alone what it was like one billion yrs ago and most definitely not ten billion yrs ago. Remember scientific theories are just that THEORIES
READ the original Big Bang theory and look at all the holes in it- like “ we’re not sure but happened for those two million yrs but it might have happened this way “ YEP GREAT THEORY!
Did you all know that discharging firearms is harmful to the environment all that powder burning is extremely harmful so save the world and stop using firearm
Down here they asked kids to stand up if they had cable, both parents working, 2 cars etc. Once the kids stood up, the teacher said, "Congratulations, you are WHITE PRIVLEDGED"
I waited until the end of the course, at my son's request, and then went at the school.
I asked them if they knew each kids personal life outside of school, or their mental state or what issues they may be dealing with regarding isolation, covid, or personal issues.
I also asked how they expected to build up one race by tearing down another.
I was assured their approach would change.

Is it any surprise that so many are choosing to home school.
Good for you!!!
You should file a complaint with the school board as well, that teacher should be terminated.
Many “ non white children” have as good or better lifestyles. So what does that make them???
WOW they would be diciplined on the spot where my mrs is and as a min spend some time home unpaid thinking about their futures
Have never heard the like Kudos to you for making the visit I would have done the same and put in a formal written compaint to the principal and school board
Used to be some good ol discipline back in the day
A teacher with a record of assualting his students hit my sister with the pointer one day for laughing at a smart remark from another student. This was in 5th grade. She came home at noon and told mom,mom called dad at work. He left work immediately went to the school and knocked the teacher senseless. Then proceeded to The the principals office and told him that the teacher would need a replacement and it had better be permanent. The teacher was suspended but returned to teaching at the junior high level. He was my 8th grade science teacher. Always wondered if the scare on his face was from a particular beating he took a few years earlier!
However the dumb SOB never learned his lesson, one day the guy in front of me moved his desk making a scraping sound when he did, the teacher ran right over and slapped him across the head! I said something stupid and he turned on me and I laughed and told him who my sister was and the poor bugger turned white as a ghost!!!
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Was thinking about you today 3D Wife seen this pic of egg crates in someones fridge and shared I laughed and said oh that it just 3d's place :D:D
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Looks like an assortment of used balls. Likely a golf course employee who finds them and cleans them to resell. I don’t use used golf balls although most are still ok it only takes one bad ball and one poor result to ruin a round of golf. But I do use Titleist most of the time.
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