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Climate change math

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A teen, not mine, presented this question to me regarding a project that he is doing on Climate Change.
Give it a read and let your fingers do the googling to verify the numbers.
I also have screenshots of his sources as well, though for privacy reasons, I refrained from posting them.
Very interested to hear your feedback.
Note: The 542.6 million tonnes is from all fossil fuels combustion and industrial processes.
Figured I would clarify, as I would not want to misquote this young fella.

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That is only carbon dioxide produced during consumption of solid, liquid, and gas fuels and gas flaring as you stated . Not all greenhouse gas or co2 contributors or what we get from other countries nor is co2 the only one giving us climate change
This may help him

Other issue is our forests emit more than they absorb in many areas for the last 20 years
But is it there so the trees have to handle it and are not doing a good job it seems overall
All good points. However, what we get from other countries is not relevant in this project as he is looking to only compare Canada's production vs absorption.
Wouldn't CO2 be the largest portion of what is produced? Or do you believe the other harmful carbon/greenhouse gases would make up the difference of 4.7 times the carbon amount?
The measure to collect the tax is called the CARBON tax.
Don't get hung up on the name it is all greenhouse gases that are emitted
We are far from that just under the top 10 worst at number 11 But you sit in the weeds so I understand :p :p why all you see is green
If you believe anything from the UNEP ... I have oceanfront property in Arizona to sell.
No I guess I would have to get information from you and your pals for it to be correct
Pretty sure that ocean front sits on a rain forest in the middle of Arizona
Guess that was to be a funny was it Wife's grand dad lived there until he passed and we went down many times Beautiful place in fact brought two old cars back from there and I would love to own property there Guess you have similar experiences there :rolleyes: If you did you would know this and yep toured it twice we did Incredible place especially the ocean
I haven't had a chance to talk with him about it yet. He has only sent me a few snippets but I haven't got the whole gist of what he is trying to prove or disprove. He is definitely a free thinker, however, if he is looking for a good mark, going against the leftist narrative will not bode well for him. Many kids regurgitate the BS, get the mark and carry on with their own beliefs without losing the ability to think for themselves.
Talking to the wrong people then to get that :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: me included
I may see green but I would wager your view is brown, so pop your head out.
Yep ask for us to give feedback and we do and then the usual crap starts that the information we provide is BS and not true if it goes against what you want to hear or believe
Next time I will just say yep man that looks great and then you can explain to the kid why he got a D since I am 100% sure his teacher is not right wing or a CONSPIRACIST and maybe even a Liberal :ROFLMAO: and unless school has change you have to provide what they want to hear to get an A
Think of the kid not yourself and your beliefs if you want him to be successful for god sake
I really feel sorry for the kid and the info you will finally give him based on your comments so far sure won't be accurate at this rate or help with his mark but will sure hurt it

I wonder why I even try sometimes with some here ONLY two guys so far even try to help you and comment on the subject with links to support and one gets the usual crap from you Unreal
For once forget about who gave some of the info ME and read it and it will help him
What is wrong with your smart right wing buds they usually have lots of comments and know everything No so far they are Just like pierre more farts of life all air . cheap one line useless shots and no real substance on the topic requested when required to produce important usable data that has an impact to this kid Unfortunately he is not asking how to make a fire with no matches
And on the free thinker there is a line there it is good until it starts to thrive on a denial of reality. Sound familiar and yes I am super cranky this morning as I look out to a heavy white frost AGAIN
Carry on
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The problem is we do not live under a dome in Canada. Nova Scotia is officially knowing as the exhaust pipe of North America.
The key findings are that locally-created ozone has decreased, and so has the amount of ozone pollutants blown into Nova Scotia from the northeastern United States. The latter finding is especially notable because ozone can be transported long distances and Nova Scotia is considered at the tailpipe of North America.

The study found this "transported" pollution now makes up a greater proportion of the surface ozone, accounting for 45 to 63 per cent of ozone levels in Halifax.😟.
Try as we may, we still have to deal with our neighbours pollution.
But that doesn't matter he said not part of this report ya right
As you say fall out from the stacks here from NS power in the cape has been tracked all down the eastern sea board well into the US
Transported pollution is a HUGE part of the problem
So we should be taxed based on other countries pollution?
Like where are you getting that?? We are taxed on what we do and contribute Other countries are NOT burning the gallon of gas in my truck I am so get taxed on it I burn oil in my home I get taxed on it 100% based on the fossil fuels I USE
First of all YOU made the first comment about me living in the weeds. Secondly, if you read my post you would see that I said that going against the climate change narrative would not bode well for his mark and best to regurgitate the curriculum. I have two exemplary scholars in my household who did just that when needed and swept all the awards and the Governor General award. Then you insert another dig at the Conservatives, then cry victim.
I agree, why do you bother?
Did you not see the two laughing faces and is it not the truth :pOh I guess that should impress me we have three of those useless GG awards one brother one sister and and guess who and my sister has two degrees and her masters but cannot tie her shoes or understand underarm is important :( and it is nice for woman to shave their legs and arm pits :(and I sure would not ask her about climate change But if you have all of that brilliance at your finger tips why even ask us old fools and for god sake talk to the kid first to see what the true scope of this project is and what he is trying to achieve Why did I bother trying to help the kid NOT you
Okay, let me slow it down for you.
Go back to post number 4 and reread what I wrote.
The project only pertains to the pollution produced in Canada.
Talk to the kid and find out what is required exactly then we may comment further and what he would like to achieve besides an A
Good to see it's not just me that you think you're smarter than.
Where you get that I have no idea I am far from smart in the circle of people I have worked with over the years and many I still engage with only here with a few do I feel smarter sometimes and then I remember that is no achievement If that is in reference to my sister yep may be real book with lots of papers saying she is smart but it stops there ZERO common sense and the biggest tree hugger in NS
Remember you also gave the arizona rainforest and ocean a like :p Not me that needs hooked on phonics:D
Any way time to make the donuts been fun and if we can help the kid we sure will
Take care
It's a song by George Strait. First cassette that I bought with my own money when I was young. Purchased it at Zellers on a road trip with my folks.
Keep ASSuming.
Sorry not into that stuff nor the song My first 8 track was black sabbath and I would have said who in the F'k is George Strait Not assuming just trying to understand what you write said it before cannot read minds if not written clearly
You don't get it if it is written clearly, see post #31.
Now, go get after those donuts!
Clear as mud .You are asking for a number that is not known since they only track GHG gases produced by human activities and forest fires etc are NOT in those numbers and are also big contributors
This is your most current and most detailed information out there right now back to the donuts dinner break is short and over But this is government funded so will be wrong also even though they are the only ones spending serious money on this subject and tracking data Even has the cow poop if one clicks on the tabs
Arizona is awesome. Spent most of our time up in Sadona perfect weather and great golf! Didn’t see their rain forest tho
Sure is Could not believe how all my joint pains just vanished from the weather
The wife's grandfather lost his first wife here and met his second on a golf course there and the rest is history
It was funny when he found out her dad owned the course :) and my wife could not understand why he left the cape and moved there with her
I never went to university but I’m smarter then all you put together, well maybe not everyone just most.
But hey joe I really believe your smarter then most 5th graders!
Thanks Buddy:D:D . My grandmother always said university doesn't make one smart and she was right
I look back and the ones I went to school with that left school before grade 12 to work and yes it is different today but most of them own their own companies and want for nothing
She also said success in life is directly proportional to the work and effort one makes and they and I have lived by that one and no complaints
My aunt PIA big time teacher always looked down her nose at me since I never finished my engineering degree ( short 6 courses) like my brothers and sister and just a lowly millwright and mechanical technologist
Yep until one day I heard enough at a family gathering and tossed my pay stub at her from the mines and said you ever make that in a week with all your university and degree
Never another word to me was said I hate people that look down their nose at others just because they don't have a degree Sure hurt Buckmarks friend Bill gates
take care
Just reading about all this.
According to one article our forests have actually been a source of carbon in some years lately because of forest fires, harvesting, etcetera rather than absorbing Co2.
One article said that methane (25 times) and especially nitrous oxide (250 or so times) are worse than Co2. Both are related to raising animals for food and use of fertilizers in farming.
Everything I read appears to indicate than while all these gases occur naturally in the atmosphere, there is far more now and is correlated with the growth of the world population.
And there is the key my friend you read what is out there and accept the truth . The earth was created to be sulf sustaining it was man and what we have done that placed it in the state it is in and only man can smarten up and try to at least stop the damage before it is too late
What percentage of the atmosphere is CO2?
Can guess where you are going with this but being an engineer you should know the impact small percentages of change make substancial impacts in some things
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