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Climate change math

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A teen, not mine, presented this question to me regarding a project that he is doing on Climate Change.
Give it a read and let your fingers do the googling to verify the numbers.
I also have screenshots of his sources as well, though for privacy reasons, I refrained from posting them.
Very interested to hear your feedback.
Note: The 542.6 million tonnes is from all fossil fuels combustion and industrial processes.
Figured I would clarify, as I would not want to misquote this young fella.

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Here are a couple of the scientific articles mentioned by Ben last week. This is his pattern: share actual peer reviewed, published, articles. Let me know when you actual read these articles or I'll assume you're the one relying on Wikipedia.
Never use it unlike some here and Ben has no peers in the scientific community since he us NOT a scientist but a crazed loon but thanks for sharing these
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